10 Spring Skirts You’ll Want to Twirl In

For women-on-the-go, it’s  easy to get stuck in the routine of slipping on jeans in the morning. And while jeans are a convenient default, I like the femininity skirts provide and the way they instantly make you look dressier (not to mention how they keep you cool and comfortable). I’ve been trying to wear skirts more often lately and have found they are actually pretty practical; I prefer full silhouettes or comfortable jersey-knit pencil skirts. Style tip: If you aren’t going somewhere fancy, dress skirts down by pairing them with graphic tees or sporty chic flats. Below are some Spring skirts on my lust list.

8 Wardrobe Essentials For Spring + A Giveaway

Springs Musts for Women

Hi friends! Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments yesterday.  I feel so blessed to have such supportive internet and IRL friends! Speaking of which, I have teamed up with some friends to give you the chance to win a ‘Spring Essentials’ Package. The winner will receive $150, the March Popsugar ‘Must Have’ Box, $50 credit to TennesseeMeVNTG on Etsy and one dozen flower cookies from PPGBakery!

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Are Fashion Blogs Toxic?

fashion blogs sf
Between an inbox of fashion blogger’s posts, numerous promotions, tweets and Instagrams from my favorite fashion bloggers and brands, I’ve found myself shopping EVERY DAY. I’ve started thinking, “If I had that, I would be happier.”  This isn’t in line with what I fundamentally believe, but it happens!

It’s safe to say that immersing oneself in to the world of fashion can be a bit of a financial and emotional struggle. The very essence of reading or writing a fashion blog means you’re up to speed on the latest trends and you’re going to be inspired to wear some of them. Some of the bigger-named bloggers are not paying for what they wear (although several fail to disclose when items are gifted), and maintaining a wardrobe like theirs is unattainable for 98% of the population.  As an example, here’s the cost of ONE outfit a popular blogger wore last week:

Jacket $595.00

Tee $125

Jeans $168.00

Bag $660.00

Shoes $975

She mentions that said outfit is made-up of some of her ‘must-haves’. I must-have gone insane if I am buying $125 basic tee shirts. (A good style rule is to never pay more than $30 for a tee, and it better be organic cotton and made by the hands of adults in the U.S.)  That being said, she looks dope. Naturally, I begin to shop because I freaking know I can find a similar outfit at half the price. My finds:


Jacket $348

Tee $29.50

Jeans $34.99

Bag $49.95

Shoes: $113

The sum of my finds are 78% less expensive than the outfit this blogger wore. Yes, she looked adorbs…but if I spill red wine on the pieces I found, I’m not going to feel terrible. That’s what life is all about right?  …Not feeling terrible?

Ultimately, me being inspired by her outfit and finding a more affordable version is not an accomplishment. Will this outfit make me ‘happier’ for the rest of my life? Not likely. Happiness comes from quality time spent with those we love and time spent doing the things we love which, frankly, is a lot of hard work for most of us.  So, next time you see an outfit you amour – whether it is worn by a twenty-something blogger or model in Vogue – remember you are beautiful regardless of whether or not you bust out your Amex.


Asymmetrical Easter

blazer with dress
Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely Easter (if you’re in to that sort of thing) and a great weekend! I wore this asymmetric dress to church yesterday. Our church is casual and I was mos def the most dressed-up person there, but that’s not unusual. Easter will always be a day reserved for Spring dresses to me. I don’t have any floral or pastel dresses (weird, huh?) so I added some Spring-time finesse with this ban.do flower my friend Cara recently gave me.

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Stripes on stripes

all striped outfit

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Pastel Party

striped button down
I’ve jumped head first on to the pastel bandwagon. I love pastel outfits, pastel decor and even pastel hair.

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My Travel Esssentials

traveling tips


In a few weeks, the family and I will be on a plane to Ketchikan, Alaska! Harlowe and I are first-timers (The Banker grew up there!) and I’m already wondering what to pack. She and I share one suitcase, so I pack lean and compartmentalize with lots and lots of organizers.

There are a few no-brainers for every trip:

1.) A  change of clothes in my carry-on, in case Harlowe gets ‘sick’. A mom seated nearby me en route to London was spewed on and carried no change of clothes. It was a very long flight for her.

2.) Water and chia seeds. I put chia seeds in my water whenever I travel to keep hydrated and energized. They are full of nutrients and keep you feeling full longer.

3.) Tooth brush in my purse. I find that having good dental hygiene during long trips makes me feel ‘fresh’ despite being pretty damn filthy.

The rest of my packing takes some planning. I’ve been eyeing these travel essentials for a while and might have to pull the trigger on one (or two) before our trip. ShopBop is having their Friends and Family sale right now, so I can’t afford not to buy something!

1. Karen Walker ’Harvest’ sunnies

2. DL1961 boyfriend jeans

3. Jonathan Adler for Tumi suitcase

4. Tory Burch cosmetics case

5. Vince slip on sneakers

6. Tory Burch shopper

7. Jonathan Adler for Tumi suitcase

Use code INTHEFAMILY14 to save 25%. 

What are your travel essentials?


Insta Diary: Life Lately

bethanimalprint insta diary

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Stripes and Polka Dots

polkadot and stripe outfit

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Cropped and Cobalt – Lucky FABB Day 2

cobalt skirt

I went with a full skirt (last seen here) and my cropped top (also worn here) for Day 2 of Lucky FABB. This skirt is flowy, flattering and memorable – everything a gal needs in her outfit to be for a fashion blogger’s conference!  Continue Reading