YSL clutch

I’m more of a white wine kind of gal, but as far as colors go, marsala is tough to beat. Being that it is one of the pantone colors for Fall, it’s easy to find pieces in this hue to incorporate into your wardrobe, cosmetics and even home. I love it in a shirt because […]

Harlowe and I decided to test out the bandana trend by fashioning matching neck accessories perfect for a gloomy day. I actually bought 12 different colors, but haven’t seen the other 10 since Harlowe found them and decided to build magic carpets all over the house. Better for her to enjoy them than to have them in […]

plaid button down

I can’t help but think of Joanna telling off Peter in Office Space when ever I hear the word ‘flair’ (or ‘flare’ because, you know, they sound the same). “Yeah. You know what, yeah, I do. I do want to express myself, okay. And I don’t need 37 pieces of flair to do it.” Amen […]

buffalo check

Hi friends!  Did you see the blood moon? It was difficult to see in Santa Monica. Angelenos would probably say there was too much ‘haze’ but I think it was smog. I saw a faint outline of it, but mostly just lots of cool pictures on Instagram. I’ve been living in shirt dresses like this […]

rag and bone fedora

The one non-negotiable in my momiform is a quality hat. KW and I went to Rag and Bone while he was still on paternity leave and I tried on a bunch of their hats for fun. We ended up leaving with nothing, but I was still thinking of this floppy-brim fedora a few days later (and […]

birthstory BA

I’ve gone back and forth about sharing not because I wanted to keep it private, but because I’m still digesting everything that happened. Before labor began, it was like any other night at my house. KW was making dinner, my in-laws were visiting on ‘baby watch’ and I was getting Harlowe ready for bed. My contractions […]

kinwolfe top

It’s amazing how quickly your body can change after baby. When you find clothes that change with you, that’s a win. This top is one of those pieces that got me through pregnancy (worn here at 9 -months) and made it to my post-baby favorites list. If you’re expecting (or have friends who fit the bill) check […]

bobbi brown lipstick trio

Above: YSL Shine Lip Color / YSL Glossy Stain / Bobbi Brown Lipstick Trio / Sugar lip balms Dior Lip Glow / Dior Addict Gloss #973 / Dior Addict Lipstick #667 / NARS lipstick ‘Heatwave’ /Nars Matte Pencils / Dior Rouge Contour Nude Like many beauty-obsessed gals, my curiosity for lipstick started in middle school. I wore it behind my mom’s back, of course. Back then, my backpack always held a bright green […]

Old Navy Labor Day Sale

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 After discovering the adorable mommy/daughter style blogging duo @ScoutFashion a few months ago, it’s safe to say coordinating mom and me outfits have been on my brain. I love how Scout and her mama pull it off so effortlessly, looking way too-cool-for-school while creating […]

maternity dress

*Brace yourself: I’m sleep deprived and this diary spans several topics.   It’s hard to believe that one week ago Gunnar came in to the world. So far, being Mom to two was/is a sleepless blur. We ended up staying in the hospital three nights vs. the anticipated one night due to an unexpected post-delivery […]