5 facts about me

I’ve been ‘5 facts’ tagged by Brittany who writes the adorable blog, The Subtle Statement. As part of that, I’m sharing this picture of me, my mom and brother. My brother’s on-trend overalls tell you that our mom was a very fashionable woman ahead of her time. (God, where are those now?) You can tell by my wardrobe malfunction, that I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit. Here are some more facts you can tell things from. 
Humble roots: I love thrift stores. I used to shop at them exclusively in high school because we didn’t have a lot of money for clothes and you can clean up real nice at thrift shops in Tucson, AZ.
Animal lover: I was completely vegan for an entire year. I gave up that diet reluctantly in 2009 after finding out I have a severe allergy to wheat. Now, I am gluten free and help the animals in other ways like buying free-range products.
Love happens: The Banker and I didn’t start dating until 6 years after we met. Then, we moved in together 8 months after we started dating!
The youth: I’ve participated in numerous horse shows and events and have won several blue ribbons in various categories from jumping to barrel racing, but am still moderately confused about what the Kentucky Derby is.
Pixie cuts: I’ve been mistaken for a boy multiple times. Once on the hospital bracelet worn in the delivery room and again in 5th grade. That time a girl actually asked me to dance with her thinking my short hair and plaid pants meant I was a dude.

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