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5 nights, 1 carry-on: Packing Tips

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been spending time with my family in Alaska. Between business trips and family getaways, I’ve found that packing quickly and efficiently is really important to my happiness (and greatly reduces stress). So, I’m sharing some of my tried and true packing trips.

For the sake of quick transitions (and for my husband’s sanity) I challenged myself to toting a single ‘carry-on’ for our Alaska trip, even though we’d be there for five nights and the weather calls for bulky items (boots, sweaters, sweatpants, coats, etc.). 

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To get prepared, I finally purchased the lipstick colored Tumi suitcase I’ve had on my Shopbop wishlist for over six months. *Shopbop sales are the best for big-ticket items you’ve been lusting after. I was hesitant to spend so much on a suitcase, but when Shopbop had their sale, I figured the amount of time I spend in the air / at hotels means the suitcase is a good investment.

I also stocked up on my go-to Eagle Creek envelopes and a Tumi traveling kit. These Eagle Creek bags and envelopes keep clothes relatively wrinkle-free and #2 keeps dirty clothes from touching the clean ones. Win! The Tumi travel kit holds all of my cosmetics and personal-hygiene products. It also hangs up so you can see all your brushes and powders through the clear pouches. (The cosmetics travel kit is probably my favorite piece.)  I’ve listed the full set below:

packing tips

1. Eagle Creek Garment Envelope
2. Eagle Creek ‘Clean and Dirty’ Cube
3. Tumi Travel Kit
4. Eagle Creek Slim Kit
5. Eagle Creek ‘Pack It’ Cube
6. Tumi Vapor Case

Tell me about your favorite piece and any packing tips you may have in the comments below.

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  • Brooke

    Oh wow—that is seriously the perfect travel bag! I applaud you on being able to pack so efficiently! I am in no way a good packer. Even when I think I’m done I’m always adding more. “What if I NEED this extra pair of shoes on the trip?!”. Haha I need to take your advice and pack a bit more simply on my next trip! xo

  • Cara Northcutt

    I have been debating this suitcase, why didn’t I do it during the sale?! We all know how much I love all your pouches:)

    xx Cara