7 Maternity Friendly Exercises

The benefits of working out throughout pregnancy are abundant. Keeping up with a fitness routine helps alleviate aches and pains during pregnancy and supposedly makes labor faster and even less painful (I can’t say that was totally true in my first pregnancy with a 26 hour labor — yikes!) and can we talk about the much-needed energy working out gives you?!

Now that I’m well in to my second trimester (27 weeks!) I’ve definitely had to make some modifications to my workouts to make them bump-friendly. Mostly, I do lower-impact versions of what I did before and cut out all of the exercises requiring me to lay flat on my back. I’m sharing 7 of my everyday go-tos in this video, but before you get started a few tips to set yourself up for a great prenatal workout:

  1. Don’t start an intense fitness routine now, but rather stick to what you’ve done before and make some modifications
  2. Warm up and focus on posture. All that relaxin you’re producing is making ligaments and tendons more elastic so you need to use extra caution
  3. Do drink lots of water
  4. Do take in extra calories
  5. Do consult with your physician before you hit the gym
  6. Find workout clothes that don’t restrict you or your cute bump and a sports bra that supports your extra curves

Maternity workout clothes should be comfortable, breathable and affordable. You only wear it for a few months so no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on your yoga pants, right? Some of my affordable favorites from Ingrid and Isabel, Ingrid and Isabel for Target and Old Navy are below & to sweeten the deal Target and Old Navy pieces are 30% off for Memorial Day!

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If you have an pregnancy workouts you do, I’d love to hear about them! Happy Sweaty Sunday!

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