A Day in the Life of Brittany Curran of Work it Berk

When this cheeky cyclist isn’t working at Google Play, she can be found prowling the Berkeley Flea Market and Gourmet Ghetto in search of bold street fashion and tempting cuisine to shoot for her blog.
I caught Brittany at the right place (email) at the right time (after work) and asked her to dish the details on her daily life. *Spoiler alert: She’s hilarious and shares my love for Hart of Dixie.

9:00 AM: The alarm on my phone goes off. I’m confused, slightly hungry, but mostly happy that I got so much sleep.

9:15 AM: I scarf down a quick breakfast as I get ready for my yoga class.
9:30 AM: I ride over to yoga in downtown Berkeley.
10:00 AM: I take off my shoes and outerwear. I place my belongings in the shared cubbies. I drop a couple bucks in the donation box for a mat.
10:01 AM: I find an open spot for my mat and get into child’s pose. (Heck yeah, child’s pose!)
10:10 AM: Being the yoga newb that I am, I follow the teacher’s instruction as best as I can.
10:30 AM: Planks. Why?
10:35 AM: Warrior pose two. Okay, I got this…
10:35 AM: …Maybe not. Shouldn’t’ve skipped class last week.
11:00 AM: Yoga’s over. I survived. And feel damn good.
11:10 AM: I head over to the Berkeley Farmers’ Market to find potential street style subjects.
11:15 AM: That girl’s dress is cute. Oh, I like. Maybe I’ll ask to take her picture…
11:15 AM: …Damnit, she’s not wearing shoes. She’s not even holding a pair. Nope, none in sight. You’re killing me, Berkeley!
11:20 AM: Oh, I got one. Stripes, huge scarf, great play on volume. Subject spotted.
11:20 AM: I ask her if I can take a photo of her outfit. Click, click, click. Hand her a card for my blog, showing her I’m not a creep. Mission accomplished.
11:25 AM: I make a couple more loops around the farmers’ market.
11:45 AM: I head over to Tilden Park to take a relaxing hike.
12:10 PM: Ugh, hills.
12:45 PM: I’m a bit hungry so I order poached eggs at a favorite brunch spot of mine. Of course, I take a few photos of my meal and anyone’s within my vicinity.
2:00 PM: I head home and upload my photos to see how they turned out.
2:05 PM: Oh, man. These eggs look delicious. Look at the dripping yolk pool around the English muffin.
2:10 PM: I adjust the photos’ exposure and crop them as necessary.
2:30 PM: I upload the photos to Flickr and start working on the posts.
2:45 PM: I’ve finished the street style post for Monday. I work on the restaurant review a little longer. I try to find better ways to describe food than with “solid,” “delicious,” and “great.” I fail and hope my huge photos make up for it. Fingers crossed.
3:30 PM: Tuesday’s post is done. I tease the posts on social media. I share an outtake from my meal.
3:35 PM: The bait has worked. The hearts, thumbs-ups, and replies come in. I guess I am getting better at this.
3:45 PM: I catch up on my internet nonsense and celebrity news.
4:10 PM: I’m on Oh No They Didn’t. GOOP is selling what for that much?! Oh, Gwyneth. Stay in London, boo. We don’t need you stateside.
4:30 PM: …Still on ONTD.
4:45 PM: I catch up on episodes of Hart of Dixie, New Girl, or Revenge.
6:00 PM: I put some kind of meal together, preferably with peas and carbs. It’s Saturday. I’ll have pasta with veggies.

All photos from Work it Berk. Originals are here here and here.
7:00 PM: I share some photos of dinners I’ve had at Berkeley restaurants on Instagram. The people salivate. It’s working.
8:00 PM: I call my parents and see what they’ve been up to and how much warmer it is down there.
9:00 PM: I eat banana ice cream from Berkeley Bowl while watching a movie.
11:30 PM: I start getting ready for sleep.
12:15 PM: Hopefully, I’m asleep.

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