A few lessons I’ve learned the hard way (by blogging)

Looking good is HARD. It requires preparation, lighting, timing and a focused (or conveniently blurred) camera. In the above photo, I was trying to look “sexy” in that nonchalant kind of way. Unfortunately, due to my body language and facial expression, I mostly look like I’m removing rocks from my slingbacks. Lesson learned: Save the attempts at sex appeal for the Victoria’s Secret photo shoot (still waiting for my invite!).
Know your strengths. So, you think you’re totally cute and funny? That doesn’t mean you are a shoe-in for the upcoming season of SYTYCD. This is just being irresponsible in front of a camera. That worked for Kim Kardashian, but definitely won’t work for me. 
Invest time in rehersing your facial expressions and natural poses. Every women should have 5 go-to poses regardless of whether or not she is a fashion blogger. This one just recently got crossed off my list.
Make sure you are not going to make any ‘most phallic outfits’ list. A really fantastic way to avoid this is to simply use a mirror.
I hope you learn from my mistakes. I invite you to leave comments below letting me in on any life lessons you are willing to share. Please don’t leave me hanging.