3 Ab Workouts You Need to Know

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It doesn’t take a front row seat at NYFW to know that crop tops are here to stay. Chances are some of you are grimacing right now. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying a flat, strong mid section is always in style. Below are three of my favorite ab exercises; they target all of the muscles in your core (back, obliques, lower abs and those crazy mysterious transverse abdominis too) so you can tighten up errrrythang to rock those crop tops (or just feel better in sweater weather). 

Sit Up with Russian Twist. (Above) Lay on your back with knees bent. Dig your heels in to the ground and slowly sit all the way up while exhaling. Exhaling make your muscles contract, i.e. work harder, so it’s actually super important you exhale. Next, lean back at a 45 degree angle and twist from left to right then back to center. Go back to your starting position on the ground and repeat.

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Planks with Leg Lift. (Above) While in plank lift one leg with a flexed foot. Hold for 30 seconds and switch legs. If you want to increase difficulty, lift your opposite arm simultaneously.

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Double Leg Circles. (Above) Lie on your back with both legs straight up in the air and draw circles in the sky with your toes. The closer you get to the ground the harder it will be. Make it a little easier by bending your knees.

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I like to grab my fittest partner in crime, Caity to hold me accountable and make me laugh. Next weekend we are going to a fitness retreat together and I have to say, I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks! What are you doing to stay fit this weekend?

Thanks to activewear retailer, JD Sports for sponsoring this post. Thanks to you lovely readers for supporting me and the brands that help make new content possible! Now head on over to Caity’s blog to see how she keeps her body so svelte!


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  • Anita

    Such cute pants! And the plank/leg lift combo gets me every time. Hurts SO good! 🙂

    Always, Anita

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thank you! I think those pants are so fun! I just had to have them! Keep those planks up, girl! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  • Brooke

    You are in such amazing shape Bethann! It really shows! Great ab exercises. I do love my crop tops, so keeping my tummy fit is a must! A fitness retreat?! That sounds very interesting! Hope you have a blast—I’m sure you girls will kill it! I’m going to a day long yoga fest tomorrow in Brooklyn. There’s something about coming together with others that have the same interest as you is just inspiring! It’s also good motivation. xo!

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thank you for the kind words! I hope yoga fest was a blast! I agree coming together with like-minded people is ultra motivating! I can’t wait for Saturday!

  • Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.

    Great workout and super cute outfit! I need to learn how to hold a perfect handstand like that 😉

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thank you! Re: the handstand…some days I can totally balance and other days it is a miracle I can even walk! This was a lucky day.