Fitness Frenzy: Arms and Back

workouts for women
 Hi all! I just got back from sunny LA where I attended the LuckyFABB Conference and spent some time soaking up the sun with my girlfriends. I didn’t get in a single workout or healthy meal while I was out there, but I did exercise the age-old mantra, ‘everything in moderation.’ Think I could resist munching on french fries and rosé on the roof of the SLS with Caity, Cara, Kat, Carlina and Donna? Hell no. With vacation behind me, this week will be all about detoxing my body with fresh greens and exercise. I’ll be doing this workout to tone the arms and back. This is the second installment of my workout series (see the first workout here) and is a great way to tighten the arms that will be rocking sleeveless tops all summer.

Assisted pull-ups 15x: Use a machine or a small box to do your pull ups. Use a wide overhand grip. The wider the grip, the more width or V-shape you’re working.

Single Arm Isolated Rows 15x: Bend at the hips with knees slightly bent. Keep your arms flush to your sides bending at the elbow to bring the weight back toward hips.

Isolated row
Plank Pulls 15x: Get in to plank position and pull a resistance band (or use a machine) to bend your elbows to bring your arms in toward your shoulders just to chest level. The key here is to keep your hips parallel to the ground even though they will want to tilt to balance the weight you’re pulling in.

Plank Pulls
Bent Barbell Rows 15x: Bend over with a flat back and slightly bent knees then bring the barbell to your belly button and back down toward your knees. To get the most out of a back workout, concentrate on full range of motion and fully extend your arms here.

bent over bb row
Narrow Grip Lat Pulldowns 15x: With arms shoulder width apart, pull weight down to chest height. The narrower your grip, the more you work the center of your back.  (This particular exercise KILLS me.)

Cable Hammer Curls 15x you can also do them with barbells like I am here! The best way to see results quickly is to use proper technique.  If you’re swaying back and forth trying to use momentum, the weight is too heavy.  Go lighter and do it right (elbows back and flush to your sides bending only at the elbows).

Hammer curls
*Repeat the above circuit 3 times. …Now time for abs!

Plank + Taps 1 min: In plank position, tap the ground with alternating hands. Tap about 6 inches to the side of your body.

Side Planks 30 sec: Do your side plank with legs on top of each other or make it a little easier by putting the knee of the bottom leg on the ground. If you want to make it more difficult, lift the top leg up about 12″.

Bicycles 40x

Toe Touches 30x: Lay on your back with your toes pointed to the sky and lift arms and shoulder blades toward your toes.

Bosu Resisted Crunch 50x: This one is rough, but worth it! Get your butt about 1/3 of the way on the bosu and grab a resistance band (or machine) behind you. Keep your hands at your temples and crunch up and down.
*Repeat all abs exercises 2 times.

bosu resisted crunch
I hope you enjoy this workout! Stay tuned: I have one more workout to share with you all! Need a little inspiration? Shop sporty chic gym attire below.

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  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    So… this is how you get those amazing ab muscles, writing it all down!!

  • Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.

    Great workout!!! And I love the picture tutorial. Totally going to try this 🙂 Sad I missed you while you were in LA!!

  • Tanya Jean

    How perfect! I’m all about a good arm and back workout! You are just the cutest 🙂
    xo TJ

  • CarlinaL

    You skinny minnie you! Loved hangin’ out with you this weekend, love your fitness moves, and those shoes are pretty bomb too. 😉

    xo Carlina

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