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Baby Style: Je T’aime!


You guys remember how I told you if Gunnar’s personality was a onesie it would be this particular one, but you couldn’t really see because he was snuggling me in all the photos? Well, no complaints about the snuggles EVER, but here it is. The most ‘made-for-Gunnar’ onesie I’ve seen in awhile. It’s a super soft, organic cotton onesie and I just love the clean aesthetic. Check out Huxbaby’s clothes — you won’t regret it.

je taime hat

Seriously, this kid is ALL smiles. Everyone at his daycare tells me how happy he is all the time and part of me is bummed that he is super happy when I am not there, but most of me respects his enthusiasm for life! I am so grateful for this smiley little/big man. He couldn’t be more like his daddy.

whistle and fluteblack baby baseball cap

His hat is from Whistle and Flute. Pretty much ALL of their pieces are on my wish list and I’m trying to exercise restraint since kids grow out of their clothes so quickly. My favorite things of theirs are still these!

Have a great day everyone!


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  • zarajhon

    So cute baby. All pictures are so sweet, and I wish if I can buy this cap for my child.

    • Bethann

      Thank you!