Botox and Back-To-School

bethann wagner

My little Harlowe started school today so that means Summer is officially over for us! I can not believe that she is in first grade. I mean, she just turned 6! Some days I feel like I should have held her back so I would have a kindergartner now instead of a big-ole 1st grader, but we couldn’t hold her back because she was getting bored in preschool and interrupting everyone so she basically had to move on. She was ready! It is the worst though because it is so hard to watch them grow up before your eyes! As I was bringing her to school (Gunnar in the stroller) I was thinking about how next year she will be in 2nd grade and Gunnar will no longer be in a stroller and it just made me so sad that they are getting older.

Also, I am getting older and noticing it on my face. I’ve been seriously thinking about botox lately. My crows feet are getting really pronounced which is actually cool because with the life I had growing up I am ecstatic that lines from smiling are the first to show up. I figured frown lines would be first given the turmoil I endured as a kid/young adult and losing my parents so young. I suppose it’s a huge blessing to have crows feet come first. I always promised myself I would be happy that I got to live long enough to see wrinkles and that I would accept them graciously so I will hold off on botox a bit longer, but does anyone have a recco for these lines around my eyes?! Geesh!


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  • Elana

    you’re beautiful BA and always have been. You for sure don’t need botox!

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thank you Elana! I was feeling insecure but I am really glad I get to be old enough to have wrinkles! Ps You’re beautiful too!

  • Janna Rager

    Just wait till they hit double digits…enjoy each year, as each year they grow tremendously.. not only physically but emotionally and intellectually… it is awesome to see it when you go through their mementoes every now and then… I will have a middle schooler next year… ugh! Time definitely moves faster than you can blink

    • Bethann Wagner

      I know it’s so crazy but I sure enjoy it and feel so lucky to get to be a mama!

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