Casual Friday

You want to feel wind in your face? Wear statement earrings. Not only will you feel a draft from these sparklers gracefully moving near your jawbones, but you will have an instant pep in your step knowing that your ensemble includes fortuitous costume jewelry.
While I adore my statement earrings, both new and vintage, I do find it taxing to find ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe with regularity. Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to wear them to the office since I spend the majority of my time there. 
Here we have my go-to belt (it’s faux… get off my back) and earrings styled with my typical office-bound get up. Spring is officially back so I busted out last Spring’s flats. Are they still acceptable? Totes.

Jeans: Earnest Sewn (similar here & here); belt: Asos (similar herehere), blouse: J.Crew similar here; earrings (similar here) and bracelets: J.Crew; shoes: Tory Burch (more colors)

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