Changing Pace

Two weeks ago I made a big career change and am still adjusting to the change in pace. I’m transitioning from the corporate world; read: having back-to-back meetings, quickly eating at my desk and teaching YouTube workshops to aspiring creators to the freelance world. I used to know exactly what to do when I got in to the office — I could run on autopilot and now, I’m figuring out a new job. With no boss. And no training manual. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of and so far, I feel incredibly fortunate to have increased flexibility. Mostly, I’ve relished the extra time I’ve had to spend more time with the kids, but also am so excited to have freedom to pivot my career and shape it in to something more creative!

Starting a new venture has been time consuming and at the same time, it’s a slower pace of life so far. I’m sure I’ll be running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off (hate that visual) again soon, but right now there’s just a lot of planning, strategizing and analyzing. I haven’t allowed myself much down time except for yesterday when I did yoga at 9am (and it was amazing).I found myself sitting around thinking ‘I have no idea where to start… I’ll just check out some online sales and put some stuff in my cart that I don’t need before closing the tab!’? Inspiration was nowhere to be found and that’s definitely when I need yoga the most. There’s nothing yoga, the sea or a good old sunset can’t fix, right?

tea collection dress

I’m a lot more inspired today, but Gunnar is sick with pink-eye so I may not get much done 🙂 We are off to the doctor to get some drops. Yuck. Luckily, the sunset we caught this weekend can be relived.

Still thinking about this weekend when we some of our best friends came to visit. I had to have a ladies pic, but then of course…

What about men? 😉

Where do you find inspiration? What do you do when you need to focus?

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