A Day in The Life of ChelseaWears

Today in my ‘Day in the Life of’ series, I am excited to feature one of my favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus, ChelseaWears. This nanny, owner of a soon-to-be open e-tailer and YouTube star certainly keeps busy, but life never gets so hectic that she can’t show us her high-end meets fast-fashion outfits on YouTube or Instagram pics of her adorable dog. Read on as this dry and witty glamour-gal dishes on a typical day in the life of ChelseaWears…
6:50am: My alarm goes off and I slap on the clothes closest to me and pop a little bit or mascara and concealer on for a quick trip to work. I am a full-time nanny and have got to get the kiddos off to school on time – style is NOT my priority this early in the morning! I pick up a soy latte and croissant for breakfast.
8:45am: I arrive back at my house and dive into my computer. Check emails, Instagram, Twitter, catch up on YouTube videos (from favorites like ViviannaDoesMakeup, MakeupNeverSleeps, JessicaBeautician), and read a few of my favorite blogs. I am currently working to build my own eCommerce business ( – launching January 2014!), so I spend a good chunk of my day working on the site, emailing brands and designers, and dealing with the boring stuff: finance, taxes, logistics.
Sometimes I get ready on camera and turn it into a “Get Ready with Me”/FACE video or I get ready in the corner of my apartment with the best natural light.
11:00am: Time to take my dog out for a walk and upon returning home I’ll either…
A. get inspired when watching YouTube videos, want to join in on the fun, and start to record my own OR
B. think, “Oh crap, I need to get my monthly favorites video out.. it’s late!” and rush to make a video before I go to work again. OR
C. do nothing and watch Teen Mom 3. #noshame
12:00pm: After a little snack, I’ll take product shots (using a shelf in my closet as a backdrop) or I’ll start recording and sometimes go for a few hours. It all depends on my mood and how many videos I want to put out. As you can see, I’ve got a REALLY technical set up… an empty cardboard box on my windowsill. Super professional.
2:00pm: A quick lunch, during which I import videos/pictures, work on uploading videos to YT, or start writing blog posts in the background.
2:30pm-8:30pm: Off to work again!
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9:00pm: I catch up on some favorite TV shows with my boyfriend and dog on the couch, typically with a computer not far from my reach.
10:30pm: I wash all the makeup off, get comfortable in pajamas, and hop into bed to start my bedtime routine. I’ll work on my blog, anomie’s eCommerce site, or my YT channel… or I’ll just be lazy and curl up with my phone/headphones and watch other people’s videos and listen to any of my favorite podcasts (NPR’s This American Life, Planet Money, or It’s All Politics) as I fall asleep.
11:00-11:30pm: Goodnight!
Be sure to check out her blog and YouTube channel for her make up tips, outfits of the day and good god, her dog!

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