Quasi Cleanse

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Don’t worry – this is not your typical ‘cleanse diet’ post where I detail the benefits of abstaining from solid food for 3 days (losing 5 lbs, miraculous glowing skin, becoming 20% more productive). The truth is, I’ve tried juice cleanses a few times and they don’t actually make me feel great. Especially not while I am on them.

I eat fairly healthily, work out as often as I can (The photo above is of friends Julia, Kristin and I at TRX! ) and usually feel pretty good. Lately, that has changed. Between my job, blog, commute and family, I’ve found it difficult to stay motivated to make time to prep and cook wholesome meals. The Banker and I have had one too many gluten-free pizzas and washed them down with one too many glasses of chardonnay. I’ve noticed some changes in my mood and appearance: I have not been sleeping well and my skin is a little lackluster just to name a few. Whenever I’m not feeling great, I know it’s time to mix it up.

I’m not one to cook every night, so I figure this is a great excuse to put our newly-purchased Vitamix to use. Yesterday (as you may have seen on Instagram) we went to the farmer’s market and picked out some fruits and veggies – which we’ll pair with almond or coconut milk and frozen fruits. So begins my quasi-cleanse which I totally made up with no medical expertise at all. (That was me warning you!)

Just so we’re clear, here are my Quasi Cleanse ground rules:

  • No booze (Side note: If you interact with me regularly, please do not offer me sangria. I am incapable of saying no. Seriously.)
  • No dairy
  • No gluten
  • No red meat (I don’t eat it anyway, but just in case you want to join me!)
  • For breakfast, I’ll have smoothies every day (See these smoothie recipes!)
  • At least 30 minutes of physical activity each day
  • Finally, and most importantly, if I happen to succumb to a momentary lapse in judgment, I’m not going to beat myself up about it

So, today marks the first day of my 5-day quasi cleanse and I am feeling very excited. What motivates you to stay healthy and fit and what tips can you share?



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