Cozy Things

bandana scarf with sweater dress

bandana scarf

I walk in to a luxurious clothing store, admire everything and promptly send myself out.  That’s my M.O.  And while it’s smart to invest in a quality wardrobe made up of timeless pieces (like a black cashmere dress from Vince, for example), this happens slowly and often with the help of some amazing deals.  Luckily, threadUP is my “go-to” for like-new clothing from my favorite luxury brands (and their prices make building a quality wardrobe more affordable).

mother daughter style

In addition to scouring for women’s and kid’s clothing, I keep our modest closets tidy by sending gently-used clothes to threadUP with their ‘Clean Out’ bags. It is super convenient and as Harlowe would say, ‘it’s good for the planets.’ Every Clean Out Bag shipped to thredUP keeps 24 items out of landfills!

sweater dress with jeans bandana print scarf

Harlowe likes to be behind the camera (almost) as much as she likes to be in front. Did you happen to see her work on my Instagram? I die.

bandana scarf with sweater dress

Wearing: Sweater c/o thredUP (similar cashmere sweater) / scarf / jeans / boots / sunnies

What are your favorite cozy things to wear?

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