Easiest skinny margarita ever

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to share one of my favorite drink recipes. Consistent with any classic cocktail, it is comprised of four staples: a little bitter, water, something sweet, and alcohol. For this particular drink you will need fresh limes, ice, agave nectar and tequila. My favorite tequila is Patron Silver because it is ridiculously smooth and I have a thing for the handmade bottles it comes in. 

Now that we’ve covered ingredients, let’s make sure you have the proper tools. You’ll need a Boston Shaker. This one works for me just fine. Some people prefer to use a pint glass in lieu of the glass that comes with the shaker set. A citrus juice squeezer like this and a jigger. Okay, now let’s party.


Fill 3/4 pint glass with ice
Squeeze 1 oz. lime into jigger and pour into pint glass 
Measure 1 oz. agave nectar into jigger and pour over lime juice
Measure 2 oz. tequila in the jigger and pour over into pint glass
Cover pint glass with steel shaker and tap it firmly to make sure it is secure
Shake, shake, shake it over your shoulder
Pound the steel shaker with the heel of your hand to loosen it and pour drink from the steel shaker

You can get real festive with your palate and muddle strawberry, pomegranate or mango at the bottom of your glass. This wood muddler is great for that.

*Mixologist’s tip: Room temperature limes yield the most juice so, keep those babies out.
Cheers to Cinco de Mayo!

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