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Hi everyone! If you’re a fashion blogger, you love when your clothes garner attention. We all know how valuable comments can be (good or bad), so if you get some unsolicited verbal props from strangers, you better take note. After a recent yoga class, I was stopped by no less than four women who asked about these camo pants from Fabletics.

Fabletics was launched last year by the ridiculously fit fashion-lover, Kate Hudson. The 34-year-old Pilates addict says of the line “I really see it as more of a lifestyle brand. You can work out in it, then go have coffee with your girlfriends, then pick up the kids from school. The line is casual, chic, and very affordable — and there’s something for every body type.”

The best part? When she says ‘very affordable’ she’s not talking affordable on an actress’ salary, she means affordable to the average gal (like, her assistant or something). Prices come in around $30/piece for members; updating your gym attire doesn’t have to mean dropping hundreds of dollars.

Psst…you can sign up for Fabletics here. And for all you fellow mamas, FabKids has some great picks for your stylish little ones.



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  • Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.

    Camo is the shiz 🙂 Super cute outfit and kudos on the handstand!!!

    • Bethann Wagner

      It IS the shiz! Your camo pants are sick too. Thanks for the kudos. I must admit it was a perfectly timed photo as I still can’t hold these longer than 4 seconds. Must practice more!

  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Love these pants and LOVE that I was there to witness the parade of camo-loving women! <3

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thanks again for coming to yoga with me! Still trying to nail my handstand Caity-style – can you tell? Can’t wait to do it again.

  • Julia Ralston

    These pants are so awesome! I want them, now! I hope they come back in stock (I couldn’t find them but shorts! They have camo shorts!). Also, while your handstand is extremely impressive, that picture of Harlowe wins. She is so darn cute with her little yoga poses! Love.

    • Bethann Wagner

      Oh man, they are already out of stock? Bummer! They have some cute pieces aside from this. Guilty of ordering a pale pink top too! 🙂 Thanks for the sweet words, JuJu!

  • Oh to Be a Muse

    It’s funny because just about every day someone will say they like something that I’m wearing (and the hubs and I are competing over this too). So I definitely get what you mean about the compliments. The pants look really great for yoga, and you are clearly in fab shape!

    • Bethann Wagner

      I am not shocked at all that you get complements every day! Your style is killin’ it!

  • WTFab

    omg Harlowe’s glute push pilates pose is perfection. So cute!