Are Fashion Blogs Toxic?

Between an inbox of fashion blogger’s posts, numerous promotions, tweets and Instagrams from my favorite fashion bloggers and brands, I’ve found myself shopping EVERY DAY. I’ve started thinking, “If I had that, I would be happier.”  This isn’t in line with what I fundamentally believe, but it happens!

It’s safe to say that immersing oneself in to the world of fashion can be a bit of a financial and emotional struggle. The very essence of reading or writing a fashion blog means you’re up to speed on the latest trends and you’re going to be inspired to wear some of them. Some of the bigger-named bloggers are not paying for what they wear (although several fail to disclose when items are gifted), and maintaining a wardrobe like theirs is unattainable for 98% of the population.  As an example, here’s the cost of ONE outfit a popular blogger wore last week:

Jacket $595.00

Tee $125

Jeans $168.00

Bag $660.00

Shoes $975

She mentions that said outfit is made-up of some of her ‘must-haves’. I must-have gone insane if I am buying $125 basic tee shirts. (A good style rule is to never pay more than $30 for a tee, and it better be organic cotton and made by the hands of adults in the U.S.)  That being said, she looks dope. Naturally, I begin to shop because I freaking know I can find a similar outfit at half the price. My finds:

Jacket $348

Tee $29.50

Jeans $34.99

Bag $49.95

Shoes: $113

The sum of my finds are 78% less expensive than the outfit this blogger wore. Yes, she looked adorbs…but if I spill red wine on the pieces I found, I’m not going to feel terrible. That’s what life is all about right?  …Not feeling terrible?

Ultimately, me being inspired by her outfit and finding a more affordable version is not an accomplishment. Will this outfit make me ‘happier’ for the rest of my life? Not likely. Happiness comes from quality time spent with those we love and time spent doing the things we love which, frankly, is a lot of hard work for most of us.  So, next time you see an outfit you amour – whether it is worn by a twenty-something blogger or model in Vogue – remember you are beautiful regardless of whether or not you bust out your Amex.


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