Office Style at YouTube HQ

Dress: Free People / Blazer: BCBG (similar here) / Heels: Zara / Necklace: BaubleBar x Honestly WTF / Skinny Leather Belt: J.Crew
The truth is, our office is genuinely more relaxing than the somewhat capricious apartment I call home. I’m not undervaluing my own abode; it’s my nest of contentment. It’s just that YouTube has a full-time chef and massage therapist that my apartment somehow lacks. 

The folks at Refinery29 stopped by our office and had their ‘mouths agape while checking out the wild digs’ Read the full article here to see what videos we couldn’t live without and get a glimpse into the inspirational playground with cubicles that is YouTube HQ.
Now I feel the need to give you an apartment tour. Probably after I scrub the walls of Harlowe’s adhesive-like debris.

Colorblock + sunblock

Dress: BCBG (similar here & here), shoes: J.Crew (similar on sale here), clutch: Lilly Pulitzer (similar here) bracelets: Baublebar, J.Crew and Gerard Yosca.
This very feminine frock is my inaugural color block piece. Before this dress, my short stature kept me from assimilating into the color block craze. I was won over by long vertical stripes that actually elongate. Major plus. 

Crisp pleats give it depth and the ability to survive wrinkle-warfare as it is tightly packed in a carry-on suitcase. The fact that it comes embellished with a contrasting sash deems it a worthy travel companion since additional accessories are completely unnecessary. Except for sunblock. Sunblock is a given. 
Photos by: Donna Hale

Scarfing down sequins

Six years ago, I saw this dress at a vintage store in Arizona, and I was like, “shut up!”  Admittedly, it was probably a year after purchase that it was first worn, but it continues to get consistent use because sequins make my soul sparkle.
I love the neckline; it’s utterly unique. Pairing it with a white blouse makes it less appropriate for the Vegas strip and more appropriate for date night in Palo Alto. The scarf provides a casual twist on sequined glamour, which I prefer to straight-up glamour.
I’m surprised at the amount of use I have gotten out of this vintage number (the formula for fabulous prevails!). Have you impulsively picked up any pieces that have unexpectedly earned your loyalty?

Dress: vintage; shirt BCBG (old); scarf: hand-me-down from Grandma; shoes: Shoemint; sunnies: RayBan

New York Fashion Week Instagram Diary

I had quite a few pictures that I didn’t post during my trip to NY for Fashion Week. I wasn’t clever enough to have the foresight to make a latergram diary, but running around the city all day combined with watching Buckwild at night prohibited me from posting these earlier. Hashtag, greatestblogger.
Our Chelsea offices are in this building. There’s a huge Anthropologie and spacious wine shop in Chelsea Market, so you can count on me requesting more assignments in NY soon.
Temperatures I am not accustomed to called for dressing in more layers than I thought reasonable.
Inside the Lincoln Center – drinking a latte and not looking at this car.
Applauding all of these well-dressed women in line with me for the BCBG show.
So happy to see beanies and grunge on the runway.
One thing I learned on this trip is that I do not have enough fur.
Bumped in to Rumi Neely. To say she inspires me is an understatement.
Stopped at the Rebecca Minkoff showroom for a meeting with the Social Media team there. It was buzzing and hectic as they frantically prepared for their NYFW show.
Meeting with Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff and super nice dude.
This weather is beautiful, but also quite bleak. Time to wear something bright.
Back at the office. Fro Yo and I are very close.
Anthropologie, 1 – Me, 0. Cozy lounge wear I picked up just in case I got stuck in NYC because of the looming blizzard.
Headed to the airport – optimistic my flight won’t be canceled.
   Somehow, I win. Gotcha Nemo.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 – BCBG Presentation

In case you were wondering what it’s like to be crammed in the back of a fashion show because your ticket is standing room only, here you go. If you ask me, it was absolutely amazing. Fur + just the right amount of grunge. Beanies are back in a major way (*fist pumping all my fellow ladies with crazy hair*) and given the blizzard that started moments after this show, we are in luck.