How to: pack for business trips

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Wear a nice pair of jeans on the flight  both directions. I keep them moderately casual, but nice enough that I would wear them in front of a client or boss.

Pack two pairs of shoes. Think sophisticated and comfortable. Keep the heel height 4 inches or lower. 3 inch heels are ideal for conferences that will have you standing most of the day. Bring a pair of shoes for running if you like you get your workouts in. These are optional, but come in handy when you’ve been sitting all day and need to use some energy up!

Carry-on a bag of outfits appropriate for meetings, presentations, etc. Dresses work nicely as they take up less space. Lace dresses or dresses with pleats work great because wrinkles show less. Cotton-poly, cotton-Lycra blends are wrinkle resistant so look for those!

Pack a nice top you can wear out to dinner or networking events in the evening. Pair tops with jeans and a simple pair of heels. Another option is to bring a statement necklace and wear it over your day dress making it the perfect night time ensemble. 

Bring appropriate undergarments. The more nude pairs you bring the better because animal print booty shorts are the last thing you want to worry about at a conference!

Bring one-two blazers. You can wear these day and night and if you’re careful make one last for 2-3 days. Black is always a good option as it goes with everything and doesn’t show signs of wear as easily as lighter colors. 

I hope this helps you on your next trip!

How to trick people in to thinking you’ve made something of yourself

So, you’re a corporate jet-setter. You’re going to be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people in your industry during each trip. Unless you invented post-its, you have a lot of competition. It is vital that you use every tool you have to show people that you are one knowledgeable and savvy boss-lady.

If you appear frumpy, or worse, you’re flaunting your assets, the message you send could hurt you. Keep them engaged by remembering that communication is more than words. Five-inch heels don’t exactly tell people you have a respectable voice in the industry. If you don’t pay your rent by posing for Maxim, bring a suitcase full of tasteful pieces resembling something you could imagine Kate Middleton wearing.

I packed these outfits for a 3-day conference in Miami. Bringing ONE pair of promote-me-pumps and mixing day-time tops with jeans for evening events ensures I carry it all on my inevitably delayed, crammed flight. While everything here speaks of professionalism in my industry there are practicalities you want to consider depending on what you do and where you’re traveling. 
Blouse: J.Crew; skirt: Madewell; blazer: Everley (found at Ambiance in SF).
 Shirt: Halogen; skirt: J.Crew (no. 2 pencil skirt)

Shirt: Target; blazer: Urban Outfitters; pencil skirt: Anne Klein

Shoes: Tory Burch 
I hope this post helps next time you need to pack for a business trip. Please leave comments below if you have something you’d like to see here and I’ll do my best to incorporate it!