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The Best Cardigan Ever

You may have heard it before, but definitely not from me. This is the best cardigan EVER! It’s long, thick and goes with everything. I can’t get enough of it. It seems to be the cardigan that everyone is wearing this season too. I saw it on a friend at dinner and she proclaimed that her husband bought if for her and she’s been living in it ever since. Smart guy — this is amazingly comfortable and really so, so versatile. If you’ve been thinking about a new cardigan for Fall, I’d scoop this one up stat before your size is gone and you have not-buyers remorse.

Outfit details: Cardigan /Camisole / Jeans / Bag / Shoes /Stack Rings

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Dressed For Fall

bethann wagner
Hi friends and happy November! Lately, I’ve been living in workout clothes which are typically my go-to because then I always have the right thing on if I get the chance to the gym or be active at some point in the day. Earlier this week, I made a video haul on my new activewear for fall and it’s a good one! When I do have a reason to dress up, I usually reach for dresses even in the Fall. Fall dresses just might be the best dresses out there. They’re easy to layer, comfortable and make me feel great. When it comes to pattered dresses, I like to keep the print on as small a scale as possible so it doesn’t overpower my 5’4″ frame. This dress is my perfect match! Not only does it have a wonderful little print, but the colors are perfect for Fall and the I think the cut is just lovely. I love the juxtaposition of the long and elegant hem, but playful and trendy top. As you can tell, it’s pretty difficult not to twirl around in.

I wore my Rebecca Accessories heart hoop earrings yet again. They top every outfit off so well. Use code bethann to get 15% off your order!
I’ll have a lot more Fall looks to share with you soon – some cozy and some festive. Certainly a lot of dresses, but in the mean time, be sure to check out my video on Fall Activewear I’m loving! Thank you for reading!

Photos by: Kara


Gone Till November

Rebecca Minkoff Love Nubuck Crossbody Bag

Yesterday The Banker asked me if I was excited for it to be November. In that moment, November seemed like such a long way off.  Turns out, that’s this week! October is always an event filled month for us (like many of you) even if ‘event’ just means staying at home watching horror films – which we do every night in the month of October per Kaare’s request. While staying in and watching movies is nice, I totally get anxiety watching some scary movies so, yes, I am excited it is almost November, but will miss Harlowe decorating the house for Halloween.

It’s finally feeling like fall in LA which sartorially speaking, is magical. Who doesn’t get a little giddy the day they get to bust out long cardigans over their dresses like this? Warm jackets are still a long ways out, but I’m super comfortable for now. Also, this dress is ruched on the sides which makes it super flattering. Perfect for the holiday months when, if you’re anything like me, you get a little bit soft in the belly.

I’m taking tomorrow off to celebrate Halloween with the family, but you can find me on my Instagram stories. Have a great Halloween and I’ll see you back here in November!


Dream Team (+ a Giveaway!)

black velvet tops

Hi Friends! How are you doing this week? It’s been unseasonably warm in LA. Maybe it’s not unseasonable (the locals tell me this is normal), but it is 100 degrees and it’s October and that seems wrong to me.  I threw on this lace sleeved velvet sweater the other day and appreciate it for being festive, but not making me sweatier that I already am. In other news, I’m giving away a pair of the earrings I am wearing here. See my instagram post for details on how to enter. These heart hoop earrings matched with anything lace or velvet are my dream team for the holiday season!


On Wearing Pinafores Over 30

I haven’t worn a short denim skirt since my Sophomore year of college and even then it wasn’t the look for me. I’m definitely not one to think or say that any garment of clothing has an expiration date based on a woman’s age (f*ck that!), but denim skirts were just never me. Neither were overalls for that matter. Enter denim, overall dresses and ummm… I need that. After two kids (and a lot of hard work on my fitness) I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin. (I have to say, there’s something magically liberating about being in your 30’s makes many women super-comfortable with their bodies regardless of how tight their bods are though.) Regardless, I love how youthful and fun pinafores and overalls and I will wear them because I like them. Do we really need any other reason to wear something?

Psst.. if you want to try the trend without putting forth too much cash, here’s a denim pinafore that’s SUPER budget friendly!
What do you like wearing that “Google” says you shouldn’t? Whatever it is, keep doing it.


8 things I learned about kid fashion by letting my 6-year-old dress herself

  1. Princess shoes go with everything.
  2. Boots or, as Harlowe calls them, high heels are for any season and any ensemble.
  3. Jackets are over-rated, but they might need one for no more than 2 min at some point in the day, so you better have one handy.
  4. Jeans are also over-rated, but you’ll need one pair because just about every 6-months they will be the best. thing. ever. (for one day).
  5. Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and add one more accessory. Extra points if you have a headband with ears handy.
  6. Always have an extra headband with ears handy in case one goes missing (or more likely, is gifted to a sweet friend).
  7. Modesty shorts (aka ‘shorties‘ worn under dresses) are wildly difficult to remember. One must always double-check for them before leaving the house.
  8. When given the option, they will want to dress just like you (so long as you are not unnecessarily wearing jeans or a jacket.)

My dress / Harlowe’s dress / my boots / Harlowe’s boots are Zara (last year) / headband with ears / my headband


5 Fall Dresses For Date Night / GNO

It’s official Fall is here! While Fall-fashion typically means cozy cardigans and boots, I have a hard time passing up an opportunity to wear something less casual. On date-night or girl’s night out, you’ll likely find me in one of these Fall dresses worn with a scarf or leather moto when the weather calls for an extra layer. I love the wine color of this lace dress at an under $100 you can’t go wrong.
Fall date night girls night out dress ideas

Fall date night girls night out dress ideas
Los Angeles (or at least the places I go!) is so casual so most of my dresses are too. The fabric and cut of this one makes it a little more formal than the others, so  I paired it with sneakers. Fall date night girls night out dress ideas

fall date night girls night out dresses
I love the print on this red floral dress  because it’s really season-agnostic. This is one of my favorite brands becausse their prints and fabrics are consistently incredible and their cuts are always flattering on everyone! My necklace shows up in a few of these looks — it’s just so versatile and adds a little extra glam without being too much. I have been reaching for minimalist jewelry like this lately; if I wear any at all.
Fall date night girls night out dress ideas
This dress is a must IMO because it can be worn for anything and is also season-agnostic. Fall date night girls night out dress ideas

Fall date night girls night out dress ideas
I love the detail on these sleeves; they make me want to twirl around with my arms out all night. It’s one of the more detailed dresses I have. I thought it might be too much with the pattern and fancy cut, but I found it just lovely when paired with simple shoes. I bought the ones I am wearing on sale and they are sold out now, but these ones are really similar (and 20% off!)

Fall date night girls night out dress ideas

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72 degree Fall

Happy first day of Fall! Despite us still wearing shorts and trying to escape the heat, I’m very much dreaming of sipping extra-hot pumpkin spiced lattes in my cardigan and making gluten-free pumpkin muffins with the kids all weekend. I made muffins a few weeks ago because I spotted some pumpkin puree at 365 and couldn’t pass it up. I used this pumpkin muffin recipe and just substitute the whole wheat flower for Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose Baking Flour. They were gone in less than 24 hours. While nothing can stop me from baking Fall treats, 70+ degrees is not ideal for boots and cardigans. For now, it’s tee shirts and sandals for this Los Angeles-based mama, but believe me I have some cuuuute Fall pieces I want to share with you once I can stand to put them on!

Wearing: top (also comes in a dress version!) / similar shorts / slides (less than $25!)


Rainbow Dress

Anthropologie Sale

This rainbow dress is on sale now for less than $50 which is just a crazy good steal that I had to share. PSA: Anthropologie has 20% off all full-priced items now so this top I wear all the time (and get lots of complements on) is #addtocart status for sure. Oh and I wore this top to a show at NYFW and love the sleeves!  I’m going to have to pull the trigger on this dress or this dress myself. They are perfect for Fall and I can’t afford not to. Have a great weekend, all!

Rainbow Crochet Midi Dress  


Botox and Back-To-School

bethann wagner

My little Harlowe started school today so that means Summer is officially over for us! I can not believe that she is in first grade. I mean, she just turned 6! Some days I feel like I should have held her back so I would have a kindergartner now instead of a big-ole 1st grader, but we couldn’t hold her back because she was getting bored in preschool and interrupting everyone so she basically had to move on. She was ready! It is the worst though because it is so hard to watch them grow up before your eyes! As I was bringing her to school (Gunnar in the stroller) I was thinking about how next year she will be in 2nd grade and Gunnar will no longer be in a stroller and it just made me so sad that they are getting older.

Also, I am getting older and noticing it on my face. I’ve been seriously thinking about botox lately. My crows feet are getting really pronounced which is actually cool because with the life I had growing up I am ecstatic that lines from smiling are the first to show up. I figured frown lines would be first given the turmoil I endured as a kid/young adult and losing my parents so young. I suppose it’s a huge blessing to have crows feet come first. I always promised myself I would be happy that I got to live long enough to see wrinkles and that I would accept them graciously so I will hold off on botox a bit longer, but does anyone have a recco for these lines around my eyes?! Geesh!


Shop the look here: Top / Jeans / Shoes / Hat If you have any questions about these clothes you can email me or comment here! I only post things I love and am happy to talk sizing, etc.