Shift into Summer

olive green cover up
Hello and happy Friday! Like many, one of my favorite things about Summer is the longer days. The Banker is home before dark much more often in the Summer so we get to take a family stroll and catch up on the day before the kids go to sleep. It a great way for us to get in some exercise on days where something more intense isn’t possible. I’m wearing a new Tobi shift dress that I’ve been living in this week because it’s been super hot in our house. It’s the kind of lazy-day piece I’ll wear around the house, out to eat with the family (with a little bralette or cami under) and as a cover-up at the pool. Who doesn’t need more pieces like that?

janessa leon hat mom style blog LA olive dress with tan hat

Shift dress / hat / sandals

Venice Canals

LA family blog
Happy Spring! Ive really been enjoying the extra daylight we get with Spring and am taking full advantage by implementing family walks. Our neighborhood is a lovely place for a stroll, but we always want to check out something new so we went over to the Venice Canals yesterday since Gunnar had never seen them and it had been over a year since Harlowe has been! I can’t believe it’s been that long since we’ve taken these. Our family has increased by 25% since then and I think Harlowe’s height has too.

huglife tee toddler

They loved running up and down the water on the long, un-crowded sidewalks. Finally, no people to dodge! The houses are so charming along the canals, I don’t think I could ever get sick of it. Kaare and I decided that we will move there when we win the lottery. 😉

Harlowe and Gunnar’s cute shirts are from Tenth and Pine. I’ve really made an effort to get them both more gender neutral clothes so that Gunnar has the chance to wear Harlowe’s when he’s big enough. Also, I just like the look of neutral and minimalist kid’s clothes. They stock a lot of the brands I love like Kid + Kind and now they have their own line which is what the kids are wearing here. I just love this super-soft ‘hug life’ tee for Gunnar because he gives the best hugs ever! I hope he never stops wanting to hug mama. Harlowe’s ‘I love you more’ tee comes in adult sizes too which is pretty much my dream come true because I love matching her while she will let me.

My outfit details in case you’re interested: My top / my pink NMDs are from GOAT. Love the white ones too / my shorts

5 things to get down on in honor of International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! With everything that is going on politically lately, I am moved by all of the positive messages sent by and for women across the globe today. I was listening to the radio this morning on my way home from dropping of Gunnar and one of the hosts was talking about how women should get more pay, not just equal because people should be paid based on performance and he (yes, he!) believes that in most cases, women out-perform their male counterparts. For the first time in months, I found myself saying, I’m with him. 

wearing a sweater with shorts

Here’s 5 things to get down on in honor of International Women’s Day:

  1. These inspiring acts going on around the world today almost brought tears to my eyes. Putin’s statement may shock you.
  2. This will remind you that we have a long way to go.
  3. If you need an excuse to shop, this retailer is donating 20% of all sales today to the National Women’s Law Center. I’ve got my eye on anything opal.
  4. Wear RED in solidarity. Or, if you’re like me and all of you personal possessions are boxed up in a garage, wear commanding boots and a soft, feminine sweater with red underwear. Why red? I asked too. Here’s an explanation from @WomensMarch “Today, as we wear red, the color of revolutionary love and sacrifice, we hope that our commitment to each other is reinforced.”
  5. Make your voice heard. Maybe you don’t call in ‘sick’; there is work to be done after all. Think of what you can personally do to ensure we’re closing the gender gap on pay (or whatever else you want to take a stand for!) Here’s a few ideas:
    1. Ask your manager if you’re still on track for that promo and start talking about your expected salary.
    2. Negotiate for a larger bonus or merit increase now.
    3. Donate some gently used clothes to a women’s shelter nearby. Office attire would be particularly helpful in this case.

otk boots with shorts

Whatever you are doing (or not doing) to observe International Women’s day, I hope you’re moved and inspired. Let me know what you’re up to in the comments! Outfit details below if you’re interested.

Thank you Banana Republic for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

Sweater c/o/ Shorts / Boots / Sunnies

10 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

how to love yourself

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is on all of our brains. Whether your a happily-married mother or a lady who’s looking, unwavering self-love isn’t always easy. I grasp it one day, but the next day, I catch myself thinking unloving and/or unhelpful thoughts. Those two things often go together. Since February is the month of ‘love’, I’m sharing a few ways to help you practice self-love this month and always.

two songs tee shirt

Self Love tee / jeans

selflove tee casual outfit ideas selflove tee two songs bethann wagner cute tee shirt outfit ideas

  1. Indulge in a massage or facial. My favorite place for facials in LA is Alchemie Spa on Main Street. They use all organic products and I always leave feeling like I don’t need a stitch of makeup.
  2. Take a walk in nature.
  3. Take a ‘mental health day’ from work. If you stay at home with kids ask a good friend or family member to watch them for the day or even a few hours and return the favor!
  4. Volunteer.
  5. Go to yoga.
  6. Lather up with luxurious shampoo and conditioner. I’ve talked about my go-to plenty of times and Winter is the perfect time to add it to your shower routine because in helps combat seasonal dryness. Show your locks some love with Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy 2 x a week and if you’re working with medium length hair, this will last you ~6 months.
  7. Take some professional selfies. I do this more than I probably should, especially when I was fashion blogging. See above. You may not love it now, but decades from now you will love seeing pictures of your beautiful mug as it was. You are more beautiful than you believe.
  8. Read.
  9. Organize a book swap.“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” -Charles William Eliot. Get your hands on some friend’s books with book swap… do it over brunch or mimosas to make it even better.
  10. Treat yourself to some new pajamas. I have my fave pair in a new color on the brain but, boy do these babies look identical at less than $20.


mother looker jeans
Guess who finally snagged a pair of Mother jeans? Me! Yes, these ones are the Looker Ankle Fray?! Daaaang, these are just as good as I had heard. I am such a sucker for jeans and frequently hear from KW who thinks that 2 small drawers of jeans is about one and a half drawers too many. I have been wearing these non-stop since they arrived at my doorstep two weeks ago. They are like pajamas they are so comfortable. Unlike pajamas, I wear them to the office, kid drop off and date night (as seen here with this lovely cold shoulder blouse). I love not having to think about what to wear on my bottom half. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
cold shoulder shirt white Mother Looker Mid-Rise Frayed Anklecold shoulder blouse

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great day!

Blouse / jeans / shoes

Little Black Athleisure Dress

I think I’ll live in these huaraches my sweet husband bought me a few months back.  They’re my go-to with LBDs, raw hem jeans, and of course, athleisure momiforms that make getting ready in the morning (and chasing after toddlers) easier.


I don’t have a lot going on up top as far as my chest is concerned so I don’t mind a deep-V neck, but for daytime, I throw on a long-sleeved tee underneath for a little coverage.

tee-shirt-under-dress tennis-shoes-with-dress

^Not posing at all 😉 in front of the cutest pink door.


Dress / Jacket / similar top (the top I am wearing is from H&M but was purchased in store and I can’t find it online!) / shoes

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas (+ a Giveaway!)


Hi beautiful friends! I’ve publicly gushed about this a dozen times already, but last month was our 5th wedding anniversary! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. Backing up a bit, I can’t believe I’m freaking married! I was never one of those girls who dreamed of a marrying, but I snagged a handsome prince and  I couldn’t imagine not spending the rest of my life with him. On 11/18/2011 we said ‘I do’ at city hall in San Francisco and it was the best decision I have ever made! My husband (aka ‘the banker’ aka ‘KW’) makes me a better, much happier person and I am so grateful that he came in to my life at a time when I needed love the most. Right after my mom died, he walked in to my life and I seriously think he was sent from my angels. I just love him and am so thankful that he has been there for me for 10 years now if you count all the time we were friends in college. I couldn’t imagine where I would be with out KW.

So what do you get someone so special on your 5 year anniversary? When you ‘google’ it, you find that wood is the traditional option. So how about a wood watch? True or False: with this watch he will never be late again. Probably false, but he will have a unique sandalwood watch that tells him how much I appreciate our time together. Particularly his sense of adventure and willingness to make me tacos every Friday night. The deep iris blue carbon fiber is a favorite of the dark and stormy types. Perfect for my Capricorn.

Whether it’s your five-year wedding anniversary or first holiday together, a Jord Watch might be the perfect gift for your loved one. You can score $25 off of one for yourself. The giveaway will close 01/08/2017 at 11:59pm. Every one of you who enters will be instantly emailed a $25 e-gift code to use on Jord! Note: each e-gift codes will expire on 02/28/2017.

If you’re interested, here’s more of the goodness I found out about 5th wedding anniversary gifts:

  • 5th Traditional Anniversary Gift: WOOD
  • Modern Gift: SILVERWARE
  • Gemstone: SAPPHIRE
  • Flower: DAISY
  • Popular Songs 5 Years Ago: “TIK TOK” – Ke$ha
    “HEY, SOUL SISTER” – Train
  • Price of Gasoline when you got together: $2.83 / gallon

Don’t forget to enter my Jord Watch giveaway to snag $25 off of a watch for you or your loved one. Good luck and thank you so much for reading!

Need more? Check out these other gift ideas for men! 🙂

Casual Outting


Hello friends! I can not believe it is almost Thanksgiving! Yesterday, I shared 4 tips for effortless holiday dressing and today’s look is for Black Friday or Shop Small Saturday or any day. 🙂 If you’re like me, you’ll be in workout clothes Friday morning burning off those margaritas. (We have cranberry margaritas for Thanksgiving!)  After that, I’ll be on the couch catching up with my lovely in-laws. I can’t wait for all the family and friends time, but of course I’ll shop online just a tiny bit especially on Shop Small Saturday.


Where do you shop this time of year? Any good tips for kid’s gifts? Some of my favorite small shops for this kids are:

Whistle and Flute
Purl Lamb
Brooklyn and Fifth

No matter what this weekend brings, I’ll probably be in this cashmere hoodie quite a bit. It’s 50% off if you’re looking for a gift for yourself. 🙂 I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with family.

casual-edgy-outfit casual-fall-look

4 Tips for Effortless Thanksgiving Outfits

velvet camisole and jeans

Holiday looks around here have gotten quite effortless. I’m talking boyfriend jeans, ultra-soft camisole (40% off!), one-step-removed-from-pajamas effortless. This season, it’s pretty hard to avoid velvet…but why would one want to? I opted for a sleek, velvet top that is fitting for LA’s faux-fall when worn alone and can easily be layered under a jacket for the office or if you need to dress a little warmer this Thanksgiving.

edgy velvet holiday look

I paired it with IRO boyfriend jeans because I’ll be spending  this Thanksgiving chasing a toddler but want to make sure my velvet top is on full display when I’m seated at the dinner table (not matter how brief that may be).  I need to be mobile and comfortable all Thanksgiving year long. Am I right, fellow moms?


Since the holidays are such a sartorially festive time, a time that many of us want to dress up even when we might normally take a more casual approach to personal style, I’ve put together some holiday outfit tips specifically for busy women like you.


  1. Wear an effortlessly festive top. This velvet cami won’t show stains (read: it’s baby proof!), can be layered and is on-trend with it’s velvety softness. I also love this velvet blazer from Old Navy which is perfect for those that experience real Autumn. You can also go for a sleeveless turtleneck in case it gets drafty, but you want to show those guns!
  2. Give in to the choker trend. I know what you’re thinking, but there’s a reason they’re back. It’s a good one! If you have a toddler you know how dangerous it can be for both parties when you wear a statement necklace. A choker is simple and sweet, but still makes a statement. They’re also super affordable.
  3. Wear loose-fitting bottoms. This is a no-brainer. Everyone does this for Thanksgiving. It’s your time to let loose… your pants that is! I like these …and I love their price.
  4. Wear a dress over your jeans. If your Thanksgiving plans are too formal for jeans and a cami, throw a dress on over your jeans (that’s a thing now!) and wow your company with your top half while being strategically comfortable on the bottom. Check out this article in Vogue for inspiration. I’m adding everything on there to my ‘dream wish list’; especially outfit #2.

Wherever Thanksgiving takes you this year, I hope you have a wonderful time and know that you are beautiful and loved no matter what you wear to the dinner table. Happy Thanksgiving!


bethann wagner
If you’re in LA, I hope you are surviving this heat wave! OMG it is hot. I moved away from AZ for a reason and surviving 100 degree Falls in LA was not it. I haven’t blowdried my hair in a week. Having it up in a messy bun is key, but I wore it down (and curly!) today because I have a work event and wanted to look a bit more professional.
cold shoulder dress orange off the shoulder dress mommy style blogadventure bracelet

^Love my new cuff that you can’t really see here, but it’s engraved with a very important word, ‘adventure’. Every Adventure Project + Shopsoko Adventure cuff purchased will feed one person in Kenya and support local entrepreneurs.

Harlowe’s dress / My dress

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