10 comfortable wardrobe musts

Dressing for comfort

I was recently Twitter-sitioned (propositioned on Twitter) to dish on balancing comfort and style by my friend Rebecca. Rebecca writes a wonderfully funny/candid blog called Mommyproof and we share the challenges of raising toddlers and finding balance.

My personal challenge is managing the dozen things I do for my toddler before 7:30 am while trying to leave the house by 8am (and looking like I got more than 4 hours of sleep). It’s best to keep my routine simple and incorporate comfortable basics like these and minimal, natural make-up.

1. Colorful totes like this one from Stella & Dot are ideal for running around your own town and for traveling. It unzips to expand for those impulse buys and the lining is totally spill resistant. Moms of toddlers rejoice!

2. Luxurious basics was an oxymoron until I tried on a Spendid tee and wept silently in the dressing room because I was certain I had been hugged by an angel.

3. A woven fedora is great for days when you’re too comfortable to wash your hair.

4. Chambray goes sleeveless with this 100% cotton, light wash, tie crop.  

5. Necklaces add the pop that many comfortable outfits lack. My current favorites are these claws from Alkemie or anything tribal like this Sole Society statement necklace.

6. Comfortable can be stylish. Especially when you throw on this double-breasted military-style jacket by Elizabeth and James AKA The Olsen Twins. Those girls know comfort. 

7. Somebody at  Joe’s Jeans slaved over these vintage reserves to make them look and feel worn-in and I appreciate whoever that man or woman is. They are the most comfortable and flattering jeans I own.

8. Maxi skirts are the answer to my empty bottle of self tanner. Since my legs are albino and we can’t avoid stripes this season, let’s add this comfortable piece to my wish list. 

9. I said it before, flats are Spring’s hardest working shoe. You can’t go wrong with animal print flats like these by Yosi Samra. 

10. Might as well cozy on up to neon because it’s not going anywhere. Add a touch of the on-trend hue to your summer ensembles with these positively glowing Rebecca Minkoff sandals… that are conveniently on sale. 

What comfortable items in your closet gets the most love?

Office style


Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with developing my office style. You may have guessed this if you read 3 ways to wear tricky trends to the office. I just love how clothes can help transform not only your mood, but also your brand.
My husband, who is well-versed in reading pointless articles online, recently read an article stating that the way you dress contributes to other’s perception of you. I remember learning this in a college course called ‘Psychology of Dress’ (I got my BS in Merchandising and Advertising- no bigs), but had swapped that knowledge for an appreciation for comfort once I joined the workforce. 
It has been 5 years since I collected my diploma, but only recently can I say, I love the role I am in and the company I work for. Being excited to head to the office kinda, sorta makes me want to look a little  good while I am there. (No tennis shoes allowed.)
This office ensemble features one the most comfortable and luxurious pieces of apparel I own: DVF trousers. These really make me feel as powerful and confident as I wish to always be. If you must know, I got them at Nordstrom Rack.

Trousers: Diane von Furstenberg (similar on sale here); top: Sanctuary (via Stitchfix…in white here) Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff (similar here) Ring: JewelMint; bracelet: Gerard Yosca.

3 ways to wear tricky trends to the office

3 ways to wear tricky trends at work
“Dressing for work should not be more difficult than landing the job in the first place.” Despite saying this to myself every morning, I find that getting dressed can be a daunting task. While it’s important to send the right message and feel confident, you must also stay true to your personal style. 

Personally, I’ve been trying to take more risks by incorporating trends like neon, leather and multiple patterns into my work wear. I call attention here to the following trends:

Statement Necklace
Pattern Mixology
Crop top
Statement Earrings
Pointed-toe pumps
Polka dots
Bow ties
Mint trousers
Bright yellow
Arm Candy

I hope this offers you some style stimulation and helps you feel real bossy next time you are getting dressed for a particularly important day. It’s your turn to tell me in the comments below what you like to wear when you need to show the world who’s boss.

New York Fashion Week Instagram Diary

I had quite a few pictures that I didn’t post during my trip to NY for Fashion Week. I wasn’t clever enough to have the foresight to make a latergram diary, but running around the city all day combined with watching Buckwild at night prohibited me from posting these earlier. Hashtag, greatestblogger.
Our Chelsea offices are in this building. There’s a huge Anthropologie and spacious wine shop in Chelsea Market, so you can count on me requesting more assignments in NY soon.
Temperatures I am not accustomed to called for dressing in more layers than I thought reasonable.
Inside the Lincoln Center – drinking a latte and not looking at this car.
Applauding all of these well-dressed women in line with me for the BCBG show.
So happy to see beanies and grunge on the runway.
One thing I learned on this trip is that I do not have enough fur.
Bumped in to Rumi Neely. To say she inspires me is an understatement.
Stopped at the Rebecca Minkoff showroom for a meeting with the Social Media team there. It was buzzing and hectic as they frantically prepared for their NYFW show.
Meeting with Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff and super nice dude.
This weather is beautiful, but also quite bleak. Time to wear something bright.
Back at the office. Fro Yo and I are very close.
Anthropologie, 1 – Me, 0. Cozy lounge wear I picked up just in case I got stuck in NYC because of the looming blizzard.
Headed to the airport – optimistic my flight won’t be canceled.
   Somehow, I win. Gotcha Nemo.

Peep game, come take a look through my telescope…

I love California; it’s January and signs of spring are popping up everywhere. Spring is my 2nd favorite season and gets me excited about two things: I can run outside without fear of frostbite AND I get to watch designers, stylists and media darlings begin their promotional tours for the imminent Fashion Week.

For us mortals who are too busy, budget conscious or aviophobic (had to google that one!) to jet off to NYC in February for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, we can salivate over some tech-savvy designer’s YouTube videos from the comfort of our overpriced apartments.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen luxe designers hop aboard the online video train. Coach has been onboard for awhile, teaming up with popular personalities and artists. Both Michelle Phan and Karmin collaborated with Coach to create swoon-worthy marketing (which was lightly disguised as entertainment).

My favorite?

                                       Hashtag, Armparty. 

Obvi, since I work in the online video space in Silicon Valley, I’m totes a sucker for mainstream, well-respected fashion houses that adopt online videos as a marketing strategy. What celebrity (or favorite blogger?!) would you like to see promote Rebecca Minkoff’s new baubles?