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If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been having trouble prioritizing my workouts lately. I love going to yoga, but it’s been really difficult to get my mat time in. I’ve got 99 excuses, but lack of / love of sleep is the main one. I just started Kayla Itsine’s BBG program and it’s kicking my ass. It’s so convenient too. Each workout is 28 minutes so I do them after I get the kids to sleep at night, but before I Netflix and Chill. I am trying to get up earlier to get my workouts in before the kids wake up so I started a morning bootcamp at my yoga studio which begins at 6:15 (insert yawn face) and lasts for 2 weeks. I’m hoping that morning wakeup call and the joy of having completed a gnarly workout by 7:15 am changes my habit of sleeping in until 6:30-7 everyday. More importantly, I’m hoping it helps me change my habit of staying up until 12am each night.

Trying to look totally ‘natch’ in my new mesh jacket. 🙂
Do you have any habits you are trying to break? Any Summer workout or fitness goals you are trying to make? Whatever it is, remember it IS possible. If I can be at the gym by 6:15 anything is possible! #notamorningperson

Move of the week: lunges. Adding jumping lunges to the end of my workouts all week to get that booty in swim suit shape!
BraJacket / Shorts

Maternity Style: My Fitness Routine

maternity workout style

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I love to get my workouts in as often as my schedule allows. Being pregnant may change my workouts, but doesn’t mean that you’ll find me skipping the gym. If anything, I’m more dedicated to maintaining a maternity fitness routine than my regular regimen because there’s so much research out there boasting about the benefits working out during pregnancy provides both baby and mom. With the health of Baby Boy Wagner and a safe (and dear God, make it fast) delivery in mind, I’ve settled in to a pre-natal fitness routine that helps me feel great.

maternity workout style

Barre class: 2 times weekly. Barre works your whole body and introduces light cardio leaving you glowing and sore after each class. The added stability from barre makes glute and leg work safer so you can get deep in to the muscles without risking being knocked off balance. Running through 50-minute routines which include kegels and pliés (think controlled squats) helps prep the body for late-stage pregnancy by toning pelvic and leg muscles.

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Swimming: 1-2 times a week. With my last pregnancy, I began swimming regularly after taking years off. Having spent a lot of time swimming as a kid and young adult, I knew swimming would be a great pre-natal cardio workout and that balancing in my new body wouldn’t be an issue. After delivery, my lap swim sessions came to an end for too long, but the three of us recently picked up passes to the local pool to enjoy the water together. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen Harlowe taking her first solo swim lesson. I am one proud mama and am really looking forward to logging my own time in the pool!

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Yoga: 1 time weekly. Not pregnant, yoga is my favorite workout. I like fast-paced flow or ashtanga, and if it’s set to pop music, that’s even better. Pregnant, that type of vigorous flow isn’t for me. I’ve been taking Iyengar and ‘flow 1’ classes that are more relaxing than vigorous. I tried prenatal yoga, but that was a little too slow-paced for my liking and I found that going a little bit harder and making modifications where needed gave me more satisfaction … and a deeper stretch!

due date training

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Wearing: Fashletics tank c/o / Lululemon shorts and bra/ Nike Internationalist shoes

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Maternity Activewear: Save or Splurge + Lookbook Video

maternity fitness apparel

Hi guys! Sticking to my regular(ish) workouts throughout this pregnancy has given me another excuse to go shopping (because I need maternity activewear, duh!).  Okay, maybe I don’t need it, but since I’m not swimming as much this pregnancy I decided to indulge in a few pieces for the gym. I splurged on one outfit and got a budget-friendly option to compare the two! Check out my first-ever video lookbook featuring maternity activewear to find out which pieces came out on top — the save or the spurge? I think you’ll be surprised! PS – Forgive the Banker for the long pauses on my knees.  And me for my editing skills. I hope you enjoy!

maternity fitness apparel

Shop maternity activewear from this video + other favorites from these brands below:

33 Activewear Pieces Under $40

40 under $40

The moment gym shoes and track pants appeared on the runways, chic and affordable workout clothes began popping up everywhere. Being fashion forward while you sweat has never been more chic or affordable. I’ve scoured the interwebs (and personally stalked a few women at SoulCycle… why is everyone so stylish there?!) to bring you 33 stylish pieces of athletic wear under $40. With these budget-friendly price tags, all your sweat can be saved for Bikram Yoga.

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Game On, Glam On: Athletic Wear for the Glamorous

If you’re like me, the last time your sweats exclaimed your ass was “juicy” was Sophomore year of college (and, if you’re like me, you acquired said sweats at Ross).

Well, life’s about to get even ‘Juicier.’ (couldn’t resist) Juicy Couture has a new line of gym-worthy duds. Candidly, I’m a bit shocked a brand that capitalizes on track suits for soccer moms and sorority girls hasn’t made the leap in to active wear. Still, it’s better late than never as Juicy won my heart with this animal-print themed fitness collection. 

A few pieces I want to wear on my next run:

Which look is your fave?

Animal Print Lunar Glide 5

One of my favorite holiday traditions is going for a run with my family on Thanksgiving morning. Not only does the act of running jump-start the metabolism, but it serves as a great reminder to give thanks for all the things that enable you to get out of bed and cross the finish line. Something about giving thanks makes me hyper aware of other’s misfortunes which is why I love hitting the pavement at the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. 
At this year’s Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, twenty-five thousand people came together to run and raise proceeds benefiting local Second Harvest Food Banks, the Housing Trust and the Healthier Kids Foundation. 
I wore a pair of shoes I am breaking in – my Nike Lunar Glide 5s – which are animal print and reflective for  optimal day to night use. After logging 20+ miles in these stylish kicks, I cannot recommend them enough. 
They are lightweight, supportive (I use these in lieu of formal stability shoes) and generally cool as F.