My Birth Story

newborn pics

I’ve gone back and forth about sharing not because I wanted to keep it private, but because I’m still digesting everything that happened. Before labor began, it was like any other night at my house. KW was making dinner, my in-laws were visiting on ‘baby watch’ and I was getting Harlowe ready for bed. My contractions started at 7pm and they weren’t too bad.  I figured I would eat dinner, try to get some sleep and then go to the hospital early in the morning to check progress.  Despite several warnings of “the 2nd kid comes faster,” I still expected this labor to be lengthy given the 26-hour labor I experienced having Harlowe.

newborn pics

By 7:30pm the contractions were averaging 2-3 min apart and lasting 30-45 seconds. I had KW call our doctor to let her know we might be in the hospital that night. I took a warm bath with Harlowe and used bath bombs from Lush (we are obsessed with those). At 8:50pm, the contractions were noticeably more painful so we headed to hospital while I fantasized about pain killers.

We got to the hospital at 9:00pm. I had another contraction before we walked through the doors of Labor and Delivery  – this time it was the kind you don’t walk or talk through. Sh*t was getting real. I doubled over in pain while the nurses asked if I was okay. I pulled myself together long enough to inform the nurses that I wanted an epidural, STAT.

panda newborn setnewborn swaddle set

After getting checked in, they looked at me and said in the nicest, most encouraging way possible that I wasn’t going to get an epidural and it was time to push. I couldn’t believe it. Needless to say, we hadn’t practiced breathing exercises or any of the things you would want in your back pocket to manage a natural delivery. I was nervous as hell, but I knew the harder I pushed the faster it would be over so as soon as my doctor came in, I pushed (and screamed) as hard as I could. After 21 minutes, my lovely doctor said, “Bethann, look down!” and I looked down to see little Gunnar’s sweet face.

I felt really good after delivery and even walked around the delivery room (Truth be told, I had to go to the bathroom!) One nurse that snapped this picture and remarked how it was atypical to be standing after delivery.  I have to admit, I was pretty proud of what we had accomplished in such a short amount of time and with no complications …not even a tear! I felt like the strongest, most athletic woman alive. newborn moccasins

By midnight, however, the adrenaline was dissipating and I was more tired than proud.  Lightheaded and with a full bladder, I called the nurses to help me out of bed.  The very next thing I remember was waking up to the smell of sulfur and looking up at the bathroom sink trying to make sense of why I was on the floor. I heard the nurses call for help saying, “the patient is hemorrhaging”.  I was scared as sh*t.

Soon after, my hospital room needed a revolving door to handle all the frenzied activity. Hordes of nurses came and went over the next hour. KW calmly held Gunnar and watched the chaos unfold. I knew he must be feeling completely helpless and I was super relieved that he was so calm. That kept me calm.

brother sister pictures newborn photos

Apparently, I had some massive blood clots and passed one as I stood up on my journey to the bathroom.  Once I was conscious and back in bed, my Dr. removed the remaining clots and the bleeding finally slowed.  I lost almost 2 liters of blood and felt VERY weak.  Two days later, I received a blood transfusion to replace some of what I lost.  (I’m pretty sure I got Beyonce’s blood because I felt 10x better after the procedure.) The staff remarked that I had handled the whole ordeal so well that I deserved something from Tiffany’s. I am still waiting for that special something. 🙂

We got to go home after three nights in the hospital and my bed never felt so lovely! It took a few days before I could walk around without shortness of breath or lightheadedness, but a few iron supplements and hamburgers made me feel brand new. I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 10 years old, but it sure helps when you need it!

taco bout cute toddle tee

I am so grateful for the nurses at my hospital, my amazing doctor and most of all, my husband and mother-in-love for helping nurse me back to health. Gunnar is healthy and happy…provided he’s well fed and being held. And I’m more than happy to accommodate. 🙂

Wonder Woman Wednesday: Stacy and Sasha of Adela Mei


Today I’m bringing back the Wonder Woman Wednesday series where we peep in to the lives of some of the most fashionable female entrepreneurs. The petite, power-houses behind Adela Mei inspired the resurrection of the series after I fell in love with their shop, Adela Mei and the perfectly curated, petite pieces I discovered there. (See my favorite AM discoveries here and here). Read on to see what they have to say about starting your own business, wearing riding clothes to work and the best way to eat avocado toast.

You ladies started Adela Mei because the two of you needed more options for petite clothes. Can you tell us about the moment you realized AM was your destiny?

Stacy: I have always been  passionate about online shopping in general. The internet made it so easy to buy technology,  food, and cosmetics 24/7. It was just about finding an easier way to buy clothing that would fit. Sasha and I both loved to shop online but it was a constant guessing game on how an item would look or fit and something need to be done. (Granted if I was model height and size then it might not be such a big issue)

Sasha: I’m an online shopper through and through, I barely ever shop in stores anymore. But one of my constant sources of frustration was things not fitting. From way-taller-than-me models to a lack of information about fit, it was just not the easiest landscape to navigate. I’ve tried all the fit tech online, but I thought there had to be a simpler, almost more analog way to address the issue. One day Stacy and I were talking about it (over lunch, as usual – we love to eat!) and I realized that I wasn’t the only with the problem and we kind of went from there!

What would be some advice for women (or men) that would one day want to run their own business?

Stacy: My biggest advice to anyone is the only way to be lucky is to make opportunities for luck to happen.  Nothing gets done if all you do is think about it.

Sasha: Honestly, just go for it. The biggest thing holding me back from being an entrepreneur was myself. Of course you don’t just jump into something blindly, but know that you’re not going to have every single answer and solution to everything before you start. Heck, you might even fail, but you can always get up, dust yourself off, and try again. It’s a crazy nerve-wracking guessing game half the time, but it’s a wonderful learning experience and worth every second!

Are there any other business women (or men) that you really admire?

Stacy: I come from a family of entrepreneurs and just watching my parents growing up has taught me that it takes passion, hard work, creativity, and persistence to grow a business. (Also a dash of luck to cease the right opportunities)

Sasha: I admire and respect pretty much anyone who has had the guts to start their own business, from the multi-millionaire to the small mom and pop store. I love reading about other people’s stories and their advice. Everyone’s experience and strategy is different and they all have something valuable to contribute.

wonder woman wednesday

Introvert or extrovert? Are you similarly minded? How do you each break up your day-to-day responsibilities to accommodate your different styles?

Stacy: I am an introvert. Most people who meet me know that I am quiet and attentive. Whether it is work or play I like to observe, listen, and process. For me,  all life experiences have some form of transferable knowledge. I extract what I think makes the most sense to create elaborate plans and figure out ways for us to execute as a small business.

I love hearing from customers,  online shoppers, bloggers and other small businesses. I am curious what people are thinking and why they do the things they do. I think these two traits alone explain why I focus on the nitty gritty details of the operations, marketing, sales and customer service.

Sasha: I’m an anti-social extrovert, if that makes any sense. I’m really bubbly and chatty, but it takes quite a bit of convincing for me to get up and put myself out there. I’m very content to stay in and peruse Pinterest or Fashion sites all day for inspiration. Stacy is generally the one that gives me that much-needed push, whether it’s meeting people for lunch or attending events. Our roles are divided in a way that matches our personalities. While we both give input on what the other person does, I handle most creative things whereas Stacy focuses more on behind-the-scenes operations and marketing, she’s great at communicating with customers and people we work with! If I was in charge of that you’d probably never hear from me.

What’s one thing about the fashion industry that you know now, that you wish you knew then?

Stacy: There are tons of amazing brands from all over the world  but it’s surprising how challenging it is to find the right brands with the right look and the right fit.

At Adela Mei, we try and measure every piece of clothing. It’s important that we know every piece we stock. Our goal is to break the rules of petite fashion and offer a curated collection each season that accommodates various body types. This makes our curation process much longer than one would imagine but at the same time it makes our relationships stronger with the vendors and our customers.

Sasha: Striking the right balance between design, price, and fit is actually really difficult. We have a certain idea of what we want in our heads, but finding it when we want it, at a price point we think is reasonable is tougher than you’d think! It’s like having Dom Perignon taste on a Prosecco budget. We agonize over every single piece that makes it on the site – our curation process takes weeks and has multiple iterations.

Now onto  fashion. What do you typically wear to work? What is your uniform on the weekend?

Stacy: I’d say I am more drawn to comfortable classic pieces that have a subtle twist or detail. I like the occasional pop of color. My work and weekend wear is the same for the most part. My current obsessions are midi skirts with either a wedge or ballet flats.

Sasha: For every day work where the only person I’m seeing is Stacy, I’m very dressed down. Many times she has to suffer through me wearing my horseback riding gear after a ride, or a dog hair covered workout outfit – really cute. But on days where I’ve got to be presentable, I love dressing up and put on something fun from our AM assortment mixed in with the designer pieces from my closet.

adela mei

What about the items that you wear the most, that you’ve gotten the best “cost per wear” out of?

Stacy: That would be my navy burberry trench. It’s the rain trench with a hood so not the super classic one. I love it because it matches mostly everything and has survived a decade of wear.

In terms of from our AM collection, it would be the Shades of Grey Mesh Trim Tank (similar here). It’s incredibly soft and the racerback shape is very flattering on me. I love to layer it with different tanks or layers. No joke, I have worn it at least once a week if not more for the past year.  I love it so much that I have two which doesn’t sound too crazy but one is a S and one is a M to give me maximum flexibility on how I want to layer it.

Sasha: Recently, the MLM Ziggy dress  that we stocked in Fall has gotten the most wear out of everything I own. Ever since we’ve gotten it, I wear it at least once a week regardless of where I am. For example, I wore it in Brazil as a beach dress, and layered over leather leggings in New York over winter. It is quite honestly the best thing ever and I might have to get it in black if someone doesn’t beat me to it.

Okay time to play favorites.  What piece from your s/s collection are you loving the most?

Stacy: I love this skirt, the fit and flare flatters my pear-shaped body. The midi length makes move around comfortably and still maintain a posed feminine look. Please note: this skirt also has pockets!!  

Sasha: Our Kimono dress from 7115 is my hands down favorite of the season. The material is incredibly soft and the pleats and drapes are so dramatic, the dress never feels boring! I envision myself wearing it every day this spring and summer!

Name one item every woman should have in her closet…

Stacy: A piece of clothing that makes you feel 110%. That means excellent  fit and quality. The more of these types of pieces the better! For me, it is a semi-fitted short black cashmere cardigan with gold buttons. It is warm, comfortable, and flattering. Cardigans are not for everyone so please don’t run off to get one just because it’s my prized piece. Finding a few piece that fits your body well and make you feel good is better than a walk-in-closet filled with mediocre fitting pieces.

Here is my tip on finding the 110% piece, if you look in the mirror and think “man, I look good and I could wear this everyday” then it’s worth purchasing. If you wear it out and someone (who is not the sales lady) gives you a compliment then you got yourself a keeper.

Sasha: Just one? Eeks, did I mention I’m indecisive? Well, aside from a fab LBD and that statement piece that makes you feel like a million bucks, a pair of great jeans is probably the number one thing a woman should have in her closet. For me, it’s Rag & Bone skinny jeans. When I’m having one of those days when nothing is working, or I just need to jet, I can pull them on and not have to worry and feel great at the same time.

I wish I purchased the…

Stacy: The Givenchy Pandora Bag- which I bought and then later returned because I couldn’t justify the purchase. To this day even my husband questions why I returned the bag. It is the bag I compare to all my other bag purchases. The distressed camel-ish color is no longer available so now whenever I visit the stores and see the bag, I still can’t help going over and touch the collection.  

Sasha: Omg, there are so many. But I’m still mourning the loss of a grey v-neck Dries Van Noten sweater that I found at Nordstrom Rack. It was pricey, but it fit so well and was the perfect oversized sweater. I’ve since tried to replicate its greatness to no avail. I’ve also gone back to that Rack in the hopes it’ll magically appear one of these days. No luck yet, but I’m not giving up hope.

I’m thinking about food a lot since I’m in my second trimester. What’s the one thing you can’t stop eating or drinking right now?

Stacy: I would say something healthy but then I’d be lying to myself and the audience. Currently, I can’t get enough of super sour gummies from Marks & Spencers. They have just enough tart to make your lips pucker. I make my friends bring them back from London and Hong Kong. My husband and I are currently on our last bag (that’s right! for the record I am a generous gal because I share them with my man). I’ll be going Hong Kong soon so I’ll probably come back with a suitcase full.

Sasha: Avocado toast and Green Mangoes with shrimp paste – although not together! I’m an avocado toast fiend, I have it a few times a week and make it at home on Acme bread with a splash of lemon and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes. I also recently found out that some of the Asian groceries (yay for being in the Bay Area) stock green mangoes, which are usually hard to find and one of my favorite foods from back home (the Philippines!). The tangy sourness from the mangoes paired with the sweet-salty from the shrimp paste is delightful, although an acquired taste to most. So yummy!

Happy 1st Birthday, Adela Mei!



A Day in the Life of Camille Schmidt

If you’re a fashion blogger, you’ve probably asked yourself how you are going to get more brands to work with you. Then there are bloggers like Camille Schmidt. The blogger behind Dressed and Educated owns and operates her very own PR firm, Camille Schmidt PR and has worked with brands like Joie, Lucy Activewear and BHLDN. 
At 25 years old, she’s already made quite the mark on the fashion and beauty industry and she’s not about to stop. Read on to learn how Camille juggles magazine pitches, helping out teens and everything in between. (Let’s try not to feel like this.)
7:30 AM Wake up and check my email in bed.
8:00 AM Client Social Media on Hootsuite. I try to get everything together for the day in terms of social media before I head out for the day.
9:15 AM Trip to The Plant café in Mill Valley for a Pineapple, Blueberry and Kale smoothie.
10 AM Client Meetings, I tend to meet with my clients once a week or every other week. Sometimes this time is spent meeting with potential clients, brand partners, or bloggers. Most of my meetings take place in San Francisco but every other week I head down to Palo Alto to meet with Outrage Fashion.
1pm Email responses, magazine pitching and lunch in the Marina. I like to get a Spicy Tuna salad at Bluebarn while I work on my Macbook.
2pm Kid pickups. So random I know, but I spend every weekday afternoon with a two teenage boys picking them up and taking them to their various afternoon activities. I love babysitting, and it helps me put everything in perspective.
6pm I’m off and I like to head to Pure Barre or the gym to work out.
7pm Dinner with my parents in Sausalito. I still live with my parents, I started my PR company last January at age 24. Now at age 25, my business is established and I’m ready to move out. Hopefully, I’ll be in the Marina by January of 2014.
8pm City blogger and fashion events.
11pm I head home and kick off my shoes and watched some DVR’d episodes of TV. My favorite shows are Scandal, Revenge and Sons of Anarchy.

A Day in The Life of ChelseaWears

Today in my ‘Day in the Life of’ series, I am excited to feature one of my favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus, ChelseaWears. This nanny, owner of a soon-to-be open e-tailer and YouTube star certainly keeps busy, but life never gets so hectic that she can’t show us her high-end meets fast-fashion outfits on YouTube or Instagram pics of her adorable dog. Read on as this dry and witty glamour-gal dishes on a typical day in the life of ChelseaWears…
6:50am: My alarm goes off and I slap on the clothes closest to me and pop a little bit or mascara and concealer on for a quick trip to work. I am a full-time nanny and have got to get the kiddos off to school on time – style is NOT my priority this early in the morning! I pick up a soy latte and croissant for breakfast.
8:45am: I arrive back at my house and dive into my computer. Check emails, Instagram, Twitter, catch up on YouTube videos (from favorites like ViviannaDoesMakeup, MakeupNeverSleeps, JessicaBeautician), and read a few of my favorite blogs. I am currently working to build my own eCommerce business ( – launching January 2014!), so I spend a good chunk of my day working on the site, emailing brands and designers, and dealing with the boring stuff: finance, taxes, logistics.
Sometimes I get ready on camera and turn it into a “Get Ready with Me”/FACE video or I get ready in the corner of my apartment with the best natural light.
11:00am: Time to take my dog out for a walk and upon returning home I’ll either…
A. get inspired when watching YouTube videos, want to join in on the fun, and start to record my own OR
B. think, “Oh crap, I need to get my monthly favorites video out.. it’s late!” and rush to make a video before I go to work again. OR
C. do nothing and watch Teen Mom 3. #noshame
12:00pm: After a little snack, I’ll take product shots (using a shelf in my closet as a backdrop) or I’ll start recording and sometimes go for a few hours. It all depends on my mood and how many videos I want to put out. As you can see, I’ve got a REALLY technical set up… an empty cardboard box on my windowsill. Super professional.
2:00pm: A quick lunch, during which I import videos/pictures, work on uploading videos to YT, or start writing blog posts in the background.
2:30pm-8:30pm: Off to work again!
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9:00pm: I catch up on some favorite TV shows with my boyfriend and dog on the couch, typically with a computer not far from my reach.
10:30pm: I wash all the makeup off, get comfortable in pajamas, and hop into bed to start my bedtime routine. I’ll work on my blog, anomie’s eCommerce site, or my YT channel… or I’ll just be lazy and curl up with my phone/headphones and watch other people’s videos and listen to any of my favorite podcasts (NPR’s This American Life, Planet Money, or It’s All Politics) as I fall asleep.
11:00-11:30pm: Goodnight!
Be sure to check out her blog and YouTube channel for her make up tips, outfits of the day and good god, her dog!

A Day in the Life of Caity Shreve

Hi all! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This week’s ‘Day in the Life’ feature is someone I am thankful to have met. She is a talented personal stylist, Compliance Officer at an SF-based hedge fund and the red-haired firecracker behind Moi Contre La Vie. Her blog’s name may mean ‘me versus life’ but there is really no competition. After you take a look at her typical day, I think you’ll totally agree.
5am: Wake-up & get ready – Given the early hour I’ve perfected my regime so it’s quick & efficient, here are a few of my tips & Must Haves:
  • I lay out my clothes & accessories the night before
  • A multitasker for your skin is a must – I love Tarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer which has an SPF of 20 {Note: Whenever possible I try to use natural, organic & eco-friendly make-up & skincare products}
  • I usually layer BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer over a moisturizer with sunscreen like Jurlique’s Sun-Defying Moisturizer or L’Oreal’s Youth Code
  • I like to mix up my eye creams and right now I’m loving Yes To Grapefruit – It’s light and deliciously scented
  • Nothing is better for dry skin or hair than Josie Maran’s Organic Argan Oil so when I’m in need of hydration that’s my go-to
My make-up routine is similarly pared down, but I would never leave the house without:
  1. Under Eye Concealer – I’ve used Laura Mercier’s Under Cover Pot for years but recently tried Tarte’s Creaseless Concealer which is great
  2. Blush – Currently obsessed with Josie Mara’s Argan Color Stick in Peach Coral
  3. Mascara – The mascaras currently in rotation are Benefit’s They’re Real, Maybelline’s Great Lash (LOVE the new redesigned brush), and Josie Maran’s Natural Volume With Argan Oil
  4. Eyeliner – BareMinerals Round-The-Clock in Deep Navy
5:20am:Walk to work – I try to log 2-5 miles of walking each day, it’s great for your health and the perfect way to keep your cortisol levels low.
5:30am:Work day begins. Once I get through my inbox & deal with time sensitive issues my morning routine includes lots of liquids: Detox drink, green tea and room temperature water. While I’m sipping on my morning tea I’ll do a little email & social media catch-up and set up my posts/social media updates for the day – Facebook lets you schedule posts & I love Hoot Suite so you don’t have to interrupt your day.
10am: Mid-morning gym trip – A metabolism boosting morning workout is the perfect pick-me-up after a few hours of staring at a computer screen. I’m recovering from a spinal injury so my fitness routine currently includes Physical Therapy, core workouts, walking, and supplementary classes like pilates, yoga & martial arts.
11am: Breakfast – I traditionally break my fast after my morning workout with something high in protein like a green smoothie.
1pm: Snack/Mini Lunch – After years of office living I’ve learned that a big lunch is a no-go for me, it decreases my energy & concentration, and sends me straight into a food coma. Some standard snacks include: Smoothies {Yes – Sometimes I’ll have more than one in a day!}, Green juice, Peanut butter chia seed pudding, Raw veggies w/ high protein hummus, Raw organic almonds, and/or Fruit. If I know it’ll be a long day I’ll bring in roasted veggies with quinoa or order a salad that can be split into two and eaten throughout the day.
4pm-5pm: Walk home.
5pm-8pm: I have three standard after-work routines:
  1. Writing, blogging, styling, updating social media, answering emails, catching up on my Twitter feed, and losing myself on Pinterest.
  2. Walk to the event, meeting, photo shoot, or social engagement. Sometimes I attend a few engagements in a single evening.
  3. I’ll save one or two afternoons a week to dedicate purely to personal styling video chats & follow-up work for Ajent. Those days can have up to 4 hours of video chats plus research & follow-up for the clients. Luckily I have complete control of my schedule so if it’s been a busy, hectic week I’ll limit the number of styling clients I have.
8pm-9pm: I like to do some stretching and/or yoga moves to relax my muscles at night. I’m also a big fan of baths so after a stress-filled day you can usually find me soaking with peppermint scented candles & the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

A Day in the Life of Brittany Curran of Work it Berk

When this cheeky cyclist isn’t working at Google Play, she can be found prowling the Berkeley Flea Market and Gourmet Ghetto in search of bold street fashion and tempting cuisine to shoot for her blog.
I caught Brittany at the right place (email) at the right time (after work) and asked her to dish the details on her daily life. *Spoiler alert: She’s hilarious and shares my love for Hart of Dixie.

9:00 AM: The alarm on my phone goes off. I’m confused, slightly hungry, but mostly happy that I got so much sleep.

9:15 AM: I scarf down a quick breakfast as I get ready for my yoga class.
9:30 AM: I ride over to yoga in downtown Berkeley.
10:00 AM: I take off my shoes and outerwear. I place my belongings in the shared cubbies. I drop a couple bucks in the donation box for a mat.
10:01 AM: I find an open spot for my mat and get into child’s pose. (Heck yeah, child’s pose!)
10:10 AM: Being the yoga newb that I am, I follow the teacher’s instruction as best as I can.
10:30 AM: Planks. Why?
10:35 AM: Warrior pose two. Okay, I got this…
10:35 AM: …Maybe not. Shouldn’t’ve skipped class last week.
11:00 AM: Yoga’s over. I survived. And feel damn good.
11:10 AM: I head over to the Berkeley Farmers’ Market to find potential street style subjects.
11:15 AM: That girl’s dress is cute. Oh, I like. Maybe I’ll ask to take her picture…
11:15 AM: …Damnit, she’s not wearing shoes. She’s not even holding a pair. Nope, none in sight. You’re killing me, Berkeley!
11:20 AM: Oh, I got one. Stripes, huge scarf, great play on volume. Subject spotted.
11:20 AM: I ask her if I can take a photo of her outfit. Click, click, click. Hand her a card for my blog, showing her I’m not a creep. Mission accomplished.
11:25 AM: I make a couple more loops around the farmers’ market.
11:45 AM: I head over to Tilden Park to take a relaxing hike.
12:10 PM: Ugh, hills.
12:45 PM: I’m a bit hungry so I order poached eggs at a favorite brunch spot of mine. Of course, I take a few photos of my meal and anyone’s within my vicinity.
2:00 PM: I head home and upload my photos to see how they turned out.
2:05 PM: Oh, man. These eggs look delicious. Look at the dripping yolk pool around the English muffin.
2:10 PM: I adjust the photos’ exposure and crop them as necessary.
2:30 PM: I upload the photos to Flickr and start working on the posts.
2:45 PM: I’ve finished the street style post for Monday. I work on the restaurant review a little longer. I try to find better ways to describe food than with “solid,” “delicious,” and “great.” I fail and hope my huge photos make up for it. Fingers crossed.
3:30 PM: Tuesday’s post is done. I tease the posts on social media. I share an outtake from my meal.
3:35 PM: The bait has worked. The hearts, thumbs-ups, and replies come in. I guess I am getting better at this.
3:45 PM: I catch up on my internet nonsense and celebrity news.
4:10 PM: I’m on Oh No They Didn’t. GOOP is selling what for that much?! Oh, Gwyneth. Stay in London, boo. We don’t need you stateside.
4:30 PM: …Still on ONTD.
4:45 PM: I catch up on episodes of Hart of Dixie, New Girl, or Revenge.
6:00 PM: I put some kind of meal together, preferably with peas and carbs. It’s Saturday. I’ll have pasta with veggies.

All photos from Work it Berk. Originals are here here and here.
7:00 PM: I share some photos of dinners I’ve had at Berkeley restaurants on Instagram. The people salivate. It’s working.
8:00 PM: I call my parents and see what they’ve been up to and how much warmer it is down there.
9:00 PM: I eat banana ice cream from Berkeley Bowl while watching a movie.
11:30 PM: I start getting ready for sleep.
12:15 PM: Hopefully, I’m asleep.

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A Day in the Life of Sazan Barzani

Model, hostess, blogger Sazan Barzani is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. (She’s from Texas, obvi.) If you are one of the 60k people following her on Instagramyou know she is always up to something fabulous. Her days consist of ‘red carpet’ moments and fashion videos, but she always seems to make time return to the Lone Star state to visit her family.
The big-haired, blogger behind SpazMag, is one seriously busy (and stylish) woman. How does she do it? 
This Kurdish-American fashionista was gracious enough to fill me in on how her typical day plays out.
A Day in the Life of Sazan Barzani
photos from SpazMag
9:00 AM:  The alarm on my cell phone chimes and I ease my way out of bed.
9:15 AM:  I wash up and head to the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal or green smoothie.
9:30 AM: Enjoy my breakfast on the patio while reading my daily devotional or catch up on some tv shows.
10:00 AM: Time to fire up the laptop and check emails, research, edit my calendar schedule, write out the day’s to-do list.
10:30 AM:  Start drafting the day’s blog post.
11:15 AM: Blog post is LIVE. Time to feature on all social media platforms, email brands PR..
11:30 AM: Time to get ready. Hop in the shower and start the fierce process!
12:30 PM: Out the door! Usually this is the time to run all my errands, grab lunch, head to meetings or auditions, showroom visits and/or working a side project.
3:15 PM: Finally home! I usually come back to 5-6 boxes in front of my door-step from brands wanting to collaborate with the blog. This distracts  me. I start opening every single one like it’s Christmas!
3:30 PM: Styling/prepping outfits that I’m about to go shoot for my blog with my photographer.
4:15 PM: Out the door to misc location to shoot 4-5 outfits in less than an hour!
5:30 PM: That’s a wrap! Now rushing back home to change outfits for an event or dinner date.
6:00 PM: Home! Relaxing a bit. Checking blog post stats for that day and responding to any important marked emails from the day and prepping for tomorrow’s to-do list.
7:00 PM: Time to change purses. Grab my clutch bag (can’t forget the business cards) and find the energy to head out to a fashion event or extravaganza. Usually I’ll be giving myself a pep talk on the drive there reminding myself that networking is a part of the job!  
10:00 PM: Home and exhausted. Quickly washing up and getting into my PJ’s.
10:30 PM: Cozy up in front of the TV to a movie or my Real Housewives shows.
Be sure to check out her blog and YouTube channel for affordable personal style and beauty tips that are totally spaz-worthy and tell me all about your favorite looks!

Behind the Scenes with Aimee Song

She’s constantly on Who What Wear. She travels more than The Jolie-Pitts. Pinterest seems to be just another canvas for her edgy-chic outfits. The woman in question is Super-blogger/influencer/interior-designer, Aimee Song.
The LA native was recently in SF where Julia and I had the opportunity to ask her 10 of our most burning questions. In order to pick her uber-stylish brain, we sat down privately with Aimee while she hosted a luxurious party for the launch of Tiffany & Co.’s Atlas Collection (which is exquisite, btw).
Here’s my Q&A with the most welcoming of hostesses:

Most comfortable designer shoe? 
Favorite guilty pleasure? 
Eating, and getting a massage from my boyfriend every night.
If you could collaborate with any designer, who would it be? 
Guissepe Zannoti.
Worst part about blogging? 
The lack of sleep. And also when people think I’m just not really working my ass off when I really am working my ass off.

First class or coach? 
If the brand has a lot of money, they fly me in first class. If not, coach.

*Special thanks to Aimee for a lovely evening at Tiffany & Co and for calling me “hot.” I’ll never forget that. Now scout out Once Upon a Blog to see what Aimee dished to Julia!

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Meet Rachel Kim, CEO of Nailed Kit

I am ecstatic to share this painfully sweet interview with Rachel Kim, CEO of Nailed Kit. She graduated from Harvard Business School, she works her ass off and makes a living off making parties and fingertips more exciting. The only thing that could possibly be more lovable than her are her Border Terriers. Without further adieu, I give you Mrs. Kim.

Who are you, where do you live, what do you do?

My name is Rachel Kim. I live in San Francisco with my husband and two of the cutest dogs ever, Flyer and Rudy. I am the Founder and CEO of a start up called Nailed Kit. We make DIY nail art kits for special occasions such as birthday parties, bachelorette parties and baby showers.

What made you decide to start Nailed Kit?

Prior to founding Nailed Kit I managed marketing at a sports website called Bleacher Report in downtown San Francisco. 

I was inspired to launch Nailed Kit while planning my friend Leah’s bachelorette party. Her request seemed simple enough at the time:  She was looking to do something classy, and she didn’t want to wear anything outlandish or call a lot of attention to herself. I set out to find an alternative and in the process realized most bachelorette party products are pretty terrible and not well designed. Don’t get me wrong, penis straws are funny once, but after your third or fourth bachelorette that gets a bit boring.

Out of this frustration I got to thinking: what if we all had matching nails? Of course it wouldn’t be a true bachelorette without personalizing them for her, so I wondered if I could create custom monograms for us to wear on our nails. It turned out no such product or service really existed. Thus Nailed Kit was born.

How do you decide who will be able to help you design the next kit?
One of the main ideas behind Nailed Kit is to work with prominent graphic designers and illustrators to create exclusive designs for Nailed Kit. The beauty of Nailed Kit is we can explore many unique designs and not just do a repeating pattern which is what you mostly see at the store when you see nail wraps. Because it’s flexible I am able to work with many designers and will look to add to my existing collections as well as add entirely new ones. Basically the sky is the limit!
Do you have a go-to designer nail polish you rock when you aren’t killing it in nail art?
Since I’m always on the go, I absolutely love Sally Hansen’s insta-dri line of nail polish, I love how quickly I can do a mani. My latest obsession is a color called ‘Gone Grey’ it’s a lovely dark gray that reflects Fall.

But otherwise, I love Butter London and this Aussie nail polish brand called Hello Darling, they are doing some really fun stuff with nails.
If we stopped you on the street, what would you be wearing?
I’m pretty casual most of the time. I love my skinny Levi’s, leggings and chambray. Also recently discovered that the Nordstrom in San Francisco carries TopShop, so I’ve been wearing a lot of their tees and little dresses with colorful leggings.

What is one thing not many people know about you?
I’m a triplet. I have a brother and a sister and we were born on April Fools day. Also, my dogs have become sort of famous on Instagram. They have over 2,000 followers and growing.

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Special thanks to Donna for suggesting Rachel to me via Twitter. If you have an incredible, fashion forward woman you would like to nominate for my Wonder Woman Wednesday series please comment below or send me an email! 

Wonder Woman Wednesday: Michelle Phan

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I’ve failed you. I’ve been making it rain at work (you know just trying to get my one million dollars from Google like Michelle did!) and have neglected my ‘Wonder Woman Wednesday’ posts for far too long. Well, the neglect is not over, but I think this is even better!

In lieu of my normal Wonder Woman Wednesday interviews, I’m sharing this profile from Glamour magazine on my favorite YouTube beauty guru, Michelle Phan. 

Read the full article here (spoiler alert – readers with a heartbeat might cry): YouTube Makeup Guru Michelle Phan on Becoming a Beauty Superstar: “My Only Goal Was to Help My Family”:  oh, and be sure to check out her revolutionary (and affordable) Life Palettes. Makeup you don’t have to think about like, at all? Yes please.