5 Things You Need For Your Next Half Marathon

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A few months ago a dear friend managed to convince our whole friend group to travel across the country together to run a half-marathon. I’ve run a few before (6-ish… *’ish‘ because I stopped at mile 4 once, but I’ll spare you the details until later) but it’s been a few years, one new baby and a move to a new city since my last race. I’m a month in to half marathon training and I’m proud to admit that I’ve already trained harder than ever before in terms of miles run. Our bodies (even after bearing two children) are strong, resilient and fierce as hell! Of course, uncontrollable factors can and probably will make training difficult (sleep-deprivation, stress, obligatory seasonal colds) but there are things you can control to make your next half, or first half, one for the books. Here’s a few things you need to set yourself up for success…

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1. Good shoes. I’m not going to recommend a specific shoe despite being hooked on Nike Frees because they may not be good for you. Do your ankles pronate? You might want supportive shoes. Do your hips hurt after logging several miles? You might want different supportive shoes. See where I am going here? Head to a running store with treadmills and fit specialists to look at your gait and recommend a shoe that is best for you.

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2. A great over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. You’re going to want a wickedly supportive run bra even if (like me) you are not well-endowed. I love Sweaty Betty’s Ultra Run Bra for it’s padded shoulder straps. By mile 5 or 6 you’ll be figuratively patting yourself on the back for getting yourself a bra with padded shoulder straps. The bra also boasts compression panels which helps keep the muscles in your chest from reverberating (jiggling) because who wants to their tatas wiggling about?

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3. A Nutrition Plan. Remember earlier when I said I stopped at mile 4 once? Well, I had eaten a turkey-bacon and egg sandwich pre-race and it was ugly. I felt heavy and tired. It was way too much sodium for my body. I probably would have kept going had my knee not also hurt, but we’ll come back to that later. Good nutrition — whatever that means to you is key. For me, that’s a small protein bar or a green smoothie and some energy chews. Kaare crushes aforementioned turkey-bacon and egg sandwiches and feels great. You’ll want to eat something before you run or do any type of exercise since your muscles can store only about six to seven hours’ worth of glycogen for energy, so each morning you wake up depleted.

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4. A strength training regimen. A study published in ’08 assigned well-trained runners to either a control group or an intervention group — both groups performed a series of half-squats three times a week for eight weeks. Both groups continued their regular running regimen. While V02 max and body weight did not change, the strength training group’s time to exhaustion at maximal aerobic speed improved by 21.3 percent. Pretty impressive, no? Aim for a strength training session once a week to become a stronger, more efficient runner and decrease your chance of injury. Adding strength has helped me ensure I never stop before the finish line again.

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5. Stretching, foam rolling and yoga. Okay, that’s three things, but they all fall in to the same category: recovery and repair. Yoga will help strengthen your posture and loosen those tight runner’s hips. Stretching and yoga will lengthen muscles and help them recover faster by loosening lactic acid. Foam rolling loosens tissue in ways that stretching alone can’t and although it can be painful while you’re on it, it provides pain relief and increased flexibility that you’ll be thankful for in the long run (pun intended). This one is my favorite and much to Kaare’s dismay, I keep it somewhere visible in my living room so I remember to use it.

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Thank you for reading and good luck with your training! xx, BA

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Top and leggings from Onzie / Photos by Lydia Hudgens

4 Motivating Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram

Inspiring Fitness Instagram Accounts

You know those days when you pack your gym bag and then it sits out of sight all day while you make other plans? Ahem, Happy Hour anyone? I mean, it is FRIDAY! In honor of #FollowFriday, I’m sharing 4 inspirational fitness babes that make hitting the gym mat, trail, reformer, etc. that much easier. Check out their blogs below be sure to give them a follow on Instagram; ‘fitspiration’ guaranteed.

@AshleyPitt_ALadyGoesWest: Ashley of A Lady Goes West shares my love of colorful workout apparel. Seriously, give me those pants! She’s a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and storyteller. Follow her blog for stories on her adventures with her husband and Rudy (her cuuuute pup. Follow her on Instagram for fashion-forward workout clothes and #Rudygram appearances.

@Fitnessista: Gina of The Fitnessista just wrote a freaking book (available on Amazon!) and if that’s not inspiring enough, the mother of one with a bun in the oven shares healthy living, recipes and fitness tips daily. Bonus: her family is stinking adorable.

@WhitneyLEnglish: Whitney of To Live and Diet in LA is a personal trainer with a pretty face with lots of brains. She used to be a Hollywood reporter and host and is now in school becoming a registered dietician. She’ll inspire you through healthy recipes (yes, she cooks!), her fun take on a fitness regimen and shots of her pooch, Mr. Chow.

@MoiContreLaVie: Caity of Moi Contre La Vie can be counted on for super stylish workout gear, healthy vegan and gluten-free dishes and absolutely stunning views of San Francisco, the city she calls home.

Do you feel like you’re friends with them already? Who are your favorite fit girls to follow on Instagram?

Maternity Style: My Fitness Routine

maternity workout style

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I love to get my workouts in as often as my schedule allows. Being pregnant may change my workouts, but doesn’t mean that you’ll find me skipping the gym. If anything, I’m more dedicated to maintaining a maternity fitness routine than my regular regimen because there’s so much research out there boasting about the benefits working out during pregnancy provides both baby and mom. With the health of Baby Boy Wagner and a safe (and dear God, make it fast) delivery in mind, I’ve settled in to a pre-natal fitness routine that helps me feel great.

maternity workout style

Barre class: 2 times weekly. Barre works your whole body and introduces light cardio leaving you glowing and sore after each class. The added stability from barre makes glute and leg work safer so you can get deep in to the muscles without risking being knocked off balance. Running through 50-minute routines which include kegels and pliés (think controlled squats) helps prep the body for late-stage pregnancy by toning pelvic and leg muscles.

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Swimming: 1-2 times a week. With my last pregnancy, I began swimming regularly after taking years off. Having spent a lot of time swimming as a kid and young adult, I knew swimming would be a great pre-natal cardio workout and that balancing in my new body wouldn’t be an issue. After delivery, my lap swim sessions came to an end for too long, but the three of us recently picked up passes to the local pool to enjoy the water together. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen Harlowe taking her first solo swim lesson. I am one proud mama and am really looking forward to logging my own time in the pool!

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Yoga: 1 time weekly. Not pregnant, yoga is my favorite workout. I like fast-paced flow or ashtanga, and if it’s set to pop music, that’s even better. Pregnant, that type of vigorous flow isn’t for me. I’ve been taking Iyengar and ‘flow 1’ classes that are more relaxing than vigorous. I tried prenatal yoga, but that was a little too slow-paced for my liking and I found that going a little bit harder and making modifications where needed gave me more satisfaction … and a deeper stretch!

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Before you go, Fashletics is giving Bethanimalprint readers 10% off athletic-inspired jewelry and apparel. Just use code: BETHANIMAL.  They have super-cute maternity tanks, but there are plenty of non-maternity options that are sure to inspire you to sweat more. Shop now because the code will expire on July 10th.

Wearing: Fashletics tank c/o / Lululemon shorts and bra/ Nike Internationalist shoes

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7 Maternity Friendly Exercises

7 maternity friendly exercises

The benefits of working out throughout pregnancy are abundant. Keeping up with a fitness routine helps alleviate aches and pains during pregnancy and supposedly makes labor faster and even less painful (I can’t say that was totally true in my first pregnancy with a 26 hour labor — yikes!) and can we talk about the much-needed energy working out gives you?!

Now that I’m well in to my second trimester (27 weeks!) I’ve definitely had to make some modifications to my workouts to make them bump-friendly. Mostly, I do lower-impact versions of what I did before and cut out all of the exercises requiring me to lay flat on my back. I’m sharing 7 of my everyday go-tos in this video, but before you get started a few tips to set yourself up for a great prenatal workout:

  1. Don’t start an intense fitness routine now, but rather stick to what you’ve done before and make some modifications
  2. Warm up and focus on posture. All that relaxin you’re producing is making ligaments and tendons more elastic so you need to use extra caution
  3. Do drink lots of water
  4. Do take in extra calories
  5. Do consult with your physician before you hit the gym
  6. Find workout clothes that don’t restrict you or your cute bump and a sports bra that supports your extra curves

Maternity workout clothes should be comfortable, breathable and affordable. You only wear it for a few months so no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on your yoga pants, right? Some of my affordable favorites from Ingrid and Isabel, Ingrid and Isabel for Target and Old Navy are below & to sweeten the deal Target and Old Navy pieces are 30% off for Memorial Day!

Shop all favorites:


If you have an pregnancy workouts you do, I’d love to hear about them! Happy Sweaty Sunday!

3 Ab Workouts You Need to Know

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It doesn’t take a front row seat at NYFW to know that crop tops are here to stay. Chances are some of you are grimacing right now. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying a flat, strong mid section is always in style. Below are three of my favorite ab exercises; they target all of the muscles in your core (back, obliques, lower abs and those crazy mysterious transverse abdominis too) so you can tighten up errrrythang to rock those crop tops (or just feel better in sweater weather). 

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Fitness Frenzy: Arms and Back

workouts for women
 Hi all! I just got back from sunny LA where I attended the LuckyFABB Conference and spent some time soaking up the sun with my girlfriends. I didn’t get in a single workout or healthy meal while I was out there, but I did exercise the age-old mantra, ‘everything in moderation.’ Think I could resist munching on french fries and rosé on the roof of the SLS with Caity, Cara, Kat, Carlina and Donna? Hell no. 

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