Petel table runner, Pottery Barn mercury pumpkin

I will never complain about a Bay Area Summer, but there is something to be said about the enchantment of Fall. Leaves fall off *deciduous trees, Black Friday sales are right around the corner and family comes to visit. 
In preparation for our family coming to celebrate the Fall holidays, I picked up a copy of ‘Living Without’ which is chock-full of gluten and dairy free recipes I will be attempting to replicate before their arrival
My MIL and FIL are not always gluten free, but they are incredibly accommodating and we do gluten and dairy free holiday dinners. They have never complained as they are likely happy I am no longer vegan. 
Last year, one of my family’s not-so-guilty pleasures were these gluten-free and vegan pumpkin carob chip muffins (original recipe here – just replace chocolate chips with carob chips.) 
I am currently looking forward to a season filled with leaf crunching, scarves, boots and yes, even football. I’ll be posting my ultra-femme Sunday football outfit on the blog soon!
 (*I learned that word watching Sesame Street and have been waiting for the opportunity to use it.)

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