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Old Spice

Since Father’s Day is quickly approaching, The Banker is here to talk about one great-smelling gift idea. Spoiler alert: there’s a giveaway involved!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I’ve spent the last few years convinced I smell worse every year, so it makes sense my wife would give me a box full of body wash and deodorant for Father’s Day.  After long runs, she is quick to tell me I smell like hot garbage and need a shower.  Similarly, my daughter proclaims, “Eewy Gooey!” if there’s a hint of sweat on my face.  It’s tough sledding living with two girly girls who have highly sensitive senses of smell.

Old Spice Timber pack

Luckily, Old Spice understands the plight of thirty-something males and offers a line of cost-friendly, manly-smelling washes and deodorants.  I no longer need to use my wife’s absurdly overpriced high-end body wash, which I think she got from J.Lo and stores cryogenically.  (Btw – It wasn’t worth it.  My friends didn’t notice the hints of jasmine and lavender twist, which I found emotionally deflating.)  Now I have my own body wash; one which lets me smell like a real man.

Greatest Smelling Dad Gift Pack

You may be wondering, “Is KW a real man?”  Nope.  Not really.  There are no wolf skins adorned on my walls and I don’t chop wood every day. I’ve never even been to Russia.  Rather, my house is marked with fluffy, white accoutrements and a fake ceramic rhino from West Elm.  But, in the event I find myself in a business card showdown, I need my antiperspirant to pass muster while I have a mild panic attack.  I may not be manly, but damn’t… I need to smell like a MAN.

Old Spice

It’s smelling bad…I’m yelling Timber!!!! 

Okay, it’s Bethann again. I have to say, I love their Timber scent and I am excited Old Spice and I have teamed up to give a pack to one of you! To enter watch just this video and then leave a comment on this post telling me to whom you’d give your Old Spice kit or why you want it for yourself. The Banker will pick a winner on Father’s Day! Can’t wait to get your hands on your own? These products can be purchased on Also, Target and Walgreens will be carrying the Timber pack seen here and Rite Aid and Walgreens are carrying the Swagger pack.

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Old Spice Greatest Smelling Dad A
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Old Spice. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep content on Bethanimalprint fresh! Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

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