His Skincare Faves

Little know fact: I’m not the only product junkie in the family. My husband has quite the arsenal of skin and haircare products and has been known to steal my favorite shaving cream on more than one occasion. Today he is sharing some of his favorite products from L’Occitane.

loccitane cedrat loccitane men loccitane men1 loccitane mens products

I’ve spent the last decade or so cycling through various man-grooming products, never offering my brand loyalty as I found many of them interchangeable. With a sampling of the above L’Occitane Cedrat collection, however, times are a-changing.  All three products are great and smell like bottled lemon zest, but what I loved most is the face gel.  It’s lightweight, energizing and provides a matte finish so you don’t look glazed.

Quick and dirty notes:

  • Face Gel:  Killed it.  Goes on real smooth and increases your handsomeness.
  • Shave Gel:  Really nice.  Significant upgrade from the ol’ Barbasol cans I normally use. (Not surprisingly, razor burn is now kept to a minimum.)
  • After Shave:  Do guys still use after shave?  Or is it a grandpa thing?  Doesn’t matter. It’s cooling and calming to irritable post-shave skin, so sign me up for bridge at 230pm.



In case you missed it, check out my favorite L’Occitane products!

xoxo, BA

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  • Caity (@MoiContreLaVie)

    No wonder K and I get along so well – We both love L’Occitane! <3

    • Bethann

      🙂 what’s not to <3 I want it all!