In dem jeans

Rose-colored jeans were the last thing on my wish list when I strolled into Blue Jeans Bar during a recent trip to The Marina. Truth be told, I only ended up at BJB because my husband has a penchant for colorful socks and disappeared. As I walked inside to search for him, my eyes became fixated on a vibrant pair of dusty rose jeans and I knew it was time to play ‘dress up’. 

While ‘dress up’ went well, there was one issue which prevented my denim affair from materializing: The jeans were like a corset on my thighs. “Those look fantastic!” said the owner of Henry and Belle, nodding approvingly from the middle of the store. He continued, “That is exactly the way I intended them to look.” (note: These jeans were so tight, you could squint and see my ovaries.) Regardless, I wasn’t going to argue with the owner! Sold. (hashtag, vain) 

Although I can only wear these jeans after seven days of consuming Lauren Conrad’s skinny jeans smoothies, when paired with a retro-inspired locally made sweater layered over a chambray shirt, it’s a lovely go-to ensamble for chilly Northern California weather. 

Sweater: Marine Layer; Button down: Jack (circa 2011. Similar steal); Jeans: Henry & Belle (more colors here); boots: Tory Burch (sold out); jewelry: Stella & Dot, Urban Outfitters

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  • Single Girl in her 30s

    Love those boots!! Brand??

  • Bethann

    Thank you! They are Tory Burch.

  • Carissa Aznar-Beane

    “These jeans were so tight you could see my ovaries. ” I died laughing. Such wit and style in this entry!

  • Bethann

    Thanks, Carissa! I liked your pose the other day, by the way. Sassy! Izzy is a good photog.

  • Sofia

    beautiful! loving your blog : )

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thank you! Sorry it took me so long to respond to this! I missed it!