How to Afford Fashion Blogging

  This dress retailed for $429.00. I bought it on sale for $128.70.

Lately I’ve received a few comments and emails asking how I afford the clothes and accessories I wear on the blog. Well, dear reader…I can’t.  

No, I am not in a fashion-blogging crime ring. Rather, everything I wear falls within my modest monthly budget (except for a very small percentage of merchandise that has been generously gifted to me by brands). In the spirit of transparency, all gifted items have ‘c/o’ for courtesy of written next to it in the post’s outfit details.

While I would LOVE to pay full price for those Rag and Bone jeans, that’s just not in my DNA (thanks, Mom). I stalk everything I want online until it is deeply discounted and I buy items used when I’m crushing on hard-to-justify expensive pieces. I’m looking at you Valentinos. I’m like a freaking style hunter in the fashion wilderness.

Since I live in the Bay Area, I most certainly do not have a walk-in closet. In fact, depending on what geographic area you live, my entire bedroom may be the size of your walk-in closet. So, what do I do with all these featured clothes? I sell them. My favorite sites to buy and sell clothes are Poshmark, Bib & Tuck, Thread Flip and eBay. After I sell my old clothes I have space and cash for new clothes. Yahtzee!

Zara heels purchased on eBay after they had been worn once. 

I admit, not everything I wear is used or bought on sale post-season. Occasionally, my husband will surprise me with something really nice, like the new Tory Burch bag he splurged on. Obviously, I am incredibly grateful for gifts as I never bought a handbag that was more than $150 (and even that was from Buffalo Exchange).

All of this makes it easier for me to do my independent lady thing while staying within budget (hopefully) and allowing me to save aggressively for things I really want (a modest SF condo, a college education for the little one, etc.) while looking, arguably, chic as hell.

Finally, dear reader, I want you to know I’ve teamed up with ShopStyle and the rest of this post is totally sponsored.

If you are in to winning money, read on… You can win $1,000 by reviewing some of your favorite clothes, accessories and beauty products. I wrote a ridiculous amount of reviews last week in hopes that I will get lucky and win the unexpected ten benjis to invest in the aforementioned Valentinos. Best of luck to you should you choose to participate!  (Which you should, because it’s fun and you can win money.)

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