How to Make Your Own Cutoff Jeans

DL1961 jeans (similar on sale here & here) / Christian Louboutin shoes / Equipment shirt / Madewell sweater / c/o Whiskey & Lace clutch / Tiffany & Co. ring / Celine sunnies / Killer spray tan
Let’s be clear. DIY-ing your own cutoff jeans certainly isn’t rocket science. Technically speaking, it’s not even science. Still, I was a wee bit apprehensive about taking scissors to anything I own mostly on account of my propensity for crying figurative tears of frustration over even the most simplistic DIY crafts.
To prep myself for this ‘big’ project, I read and re-read The Man Repeller’s DIY Your Own Frayed Jeans  guide. “All you need are pants and decent motor skills“, she says. I have those two things. This should be a walk in the park. I went forth with confidence and even created my own step-by-step guide to making your own cutoff jeans: 
Step 1: Assess the jeans you want to update. I have this great pair of DL1961 straight leg jeans that haven’t gotten much action lately and I figured cropping them might give them new life. 
Step 2: Try them on. Then roll the ankles to where you want them to be snipped.
Step 3: Take off your pants. Give them a trim. I did it on the kitchen table with my kitchen scissors. 
Step 4: Touch them up. I finished them off by taking a seam ripper to the ends to make them look more lived in. You can do whatever your heart desires; I think cuffing them would look great too!
Step 5: Put your pants on and rock the figurative sh*t out of them. 
Get the look:

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