How to Wear a Poncho in Warm Weather

belted poncho - fall outfits

poncho and a faux suede skirt

Each Fall, I feel as though I were meant to live in a cooler climate.  Bombarded with images of beautifully layered outfits, capes and ponchos, it’s hard not to try the trend no matter how impractical ($1400 keychains flying off the shelves are proof of that — but they are adorable, right?). So how do you pull off a chic poncho when you live in [insert warm city]?belted poncho

  1. Choose a light color. They absorb less heat and have a vibe more suitable for warmer cities.  (This doesn’t help much when humidity is 85% in LA, but worth a shot!)

belted poncho with a skirt

2. Opt for mock neck. I love how sophisticated (and tall!) a turtleneck can make you look and a mock neck works well in warmer climates.

3. Go sleeveless. You can layer a longer sleeved shirt underneath in a light fabric or show those guns.

belted poncho

4. Show some leg. Pair it with a skirt like this faux-suede one. I’d also wear mine with cut off denim shorts to give it more of a beachy vibe since I live in LA!

belted sweater

5. Accessorize. You can belt it with a brightly colored belt, bag or bold necklace to give it more of a warm-weather vibe. I paired mine with a black skinny belt just to accentuate my waist, but possibilities are really endless when it comes to accessorizing a poncho.

belted poncho - fall outfits

Will you be wearing a poncho this season? How do you wear yours?

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