Easy Makeup Organization Tips

I posted a pic of my makeup on The Insta last week and few people asked me where I got my cosmetics organizers, so I figured it was time for a ‘makeup organization’ post.
When it became apparent my caboodle had to go, I resorted to having my makeup strewn across a vintage serving platter (see here). Any product overflow sat underneath my bathroom sink and was quickly forgotten about. Hashtag, Totalshame.

I’m a bit neurotic about a clean brush (especially since Harlowe has a penchant for using mine to apply almond butter to the floor), so I shampoo my brushes with my beloved Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Illuminating Shampoo bi-weekly. Much to my husband’s dismay the need for clean rarely makes it all the way to the large collection of cosmetics just gathering dust. It wasn’t until I read that using expired makeup can be really bad for your skin that I made time to purge some products. For beauty’s sake, it had to be done!

I used some of Sazan Barzani’s Easy Tips on How to Organize Your Makeup and cleaned out the clutter by making two piles: one for keepers and one to toss. I used rubbing alcohol to clean the products I kept and organized them in handy, clear acrylic containers. My morning routine is more efficient, more products get face-time and Harlowe can easily find her coveted powder brush. 

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