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iPhone Diary: Hello, Baby

maternity and nursing tops

*Brace yourself: I’m sleep deprived and this diary spans several topics.  

It’s hard to believe that one week ago Gunnar came in to the world. So far, being Mom to two was/is a sleepless blur. We ended up staying in the hospital three nights vs. the anticipated one night due to an unexpected post-delivery incident that affected just me (thankfully). I’m recovering well, but much slower than I’d like.  That said, it’s been nice slowing down and staying at home snuggling Baby Boy in my own bed. He is the sweetest little boy I could have ever imagined having.

Can you resist the print on the blouse above? I can see this being worn on repeat through the end of Summer, and then in Fall with leggings and boots. It has an invisible zipper down the middle making it breastfeeding-friendly. I haven’t worn it post-partum yet because I still don’t have the strength to get out of the house for more than a short walk, but I am really looking forward to wearing it to sushi with KW soon. Man, I’ve missed sushi. If you are expecting or breast-feeding, get your hands on one of these maternity pieces now! Oh, use code BAP25 for 25% off.

natural beauty products

It’s all about natural, bare-faced beauty at the moment and I love the ‘natural’  look, but natural, toxin-free makeup product is really important too. I recently read here that the European Union currently bans 1,328 chemicals from its cosmetics but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned or restricted only 11. WTF? Opting for toxin-free products is not only better for you, but even more is on the line if you are pregnant or nursing because some of the product could be passed to baby. I’m glad I discovered Mineral Fusion makeup because they have so many great products and make it easy to go au naturale.

I tried several of their products over the past few weeks and fell in love with the lipsticks (above, top left), glosses (center) and mascara (bottom). The lipsticks are super hydrating and stay on forever. The glosses are not sticky at all and add a hint of color. The mascara doesn’t do much for length compared to my usual go-to, but it does make your lashes look t-h-i-c-k.

As you can see, I am slowly replacing my favorite products with natural ones. I still need a great natural BB cream and concealer. Can’t. Live. Without. Concealer. Have you tried “natural” beauty lines? Have you discovered any favorites?stripe maternity dress

#FBF to last week, a few hours before I delivered. I was wearing one of my favorite maternity dresses (last seen here) with Nike Internationalists in an attempt to walk the baby out. Walking must really help because we met him that night. Here we are right after delivery. I had so much adrenaline after delivery that I just got up, put on a warmer robe and walked around with him in my arms. I couldn’t do that the first time because I had an epidural, but this time we got to the hospital too late (21 minutes before delivery) and had to deliver naturally. It was such a rush. Maybe I’ll share the whole birth story later. Do you guys like those?


I’ll try to keep the blog consistent over the next few weeks, but if posts are spotty you’ll know why. Okay, back to feeding.  Or sleeping.  Where am I? Have a great weekend!

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  • Rachel Elizabeth Melby

    I love everything about this post and YES we love birth stories!

    • Bethann

      Thank you, Rachel! A birth story is coming to you soon.

  • Jane Fitfabfun

    Congrats Beth! Can’t wait to hear about your birth story!
    xo, Jane