Instagram Diary: Denver

Hello friends! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! I did. The Banker and I left Harlowe with my MIL for 2 days while we jetted off to Denver to visit some friends and family.

I’ve been to Denver once or twice before. The most memorable time was when I ran my first half marathon. My body was not ready for that sort of physical torture yet and was in remission for the balance of my visit. I didn’t walk around much after that!

I figured I’d make it tradition to run a race whenever I visit; this time the race was shorter. It also called for more glow-sticks. The ‘Rave Run’ was held on what I’m now certain is one of the most highly celebrated holidays in Denver: 4/20.

April 20th brings a whole melange of disconnected festivities. As you cam guess, there were some interesting outfits out there. I’ll be sharing my outfits later this week since I’m working in NYC for the next few days and blogging from my iPhone for now. Here’s my Denver experience insta-style.

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