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So, here’s a secret: When it comes to purchasing clothing and accessories, I have a formula for success. Cost divided by # of projected times worn equals value. (Or…C / PW = Value)  The ‘value’ has to equal 1, or less than 1, before I will consider buying.  (1 = $1 per wear).


$100 shoes / 100 projected times worn = 1 = I totes buy.

$350 shoes / 100 projected times worn = 3.5 = too rich for my blood. 

This formula kept me from buying these J.Crew collection Etta calf hair pumps even though they seem to have been made for me. They do not meet my definition of value when it comes to fashion.

You’ll notice I posted a collection of high-end items above. Obviously, my equation would presumably rule out the majority of said collage. But sometimes a girl needs to make a statement and should just ignore the stupid math. I consider the following pieces to be ‘investment’ pieces not because of their cost or anticipated value, but because they are all items that I would wear A LOT in the foreseeable future and am bullish on their upside. (I included buy recommendations for each item. I’ve seen Boiler Room…no bigs.)

Diane von Furstenberg Zarita dress. I’ve had a love affair with lace since Easter 1990 when I got a pink lace Easter dress and wore it until it resembled a dry mop. I admire this lace dress and deem it a good investment because it is conservative for weddings and corporate holiday parties, but has enough sex appeal to land a spot in the date night and cocktail party rotation. Rating: Strong Buy

Balmain leather jacket. I love leather. I love black. I love moto-jackets. Rating: Strong Buy

Burberry trenchcoat. This trench can be worn through any Northern California season. I am in love with the leather sleeves which add just the right amount of edge (well, as edgy as you can be while still wearing Burberry). Rating: Buy

Jason Wu h
igh-waisted skinny leather pants. These are an advantageous investment despite what many investors may think. This one might be a short term investment, but depending on your style-profile, returns can still be lucrative. To achieve a strong return, one would need to invest in them asap as some analysts think leather pants have an age-appropriate shelf life. Rating: Neutral

Christian Louboutin Batignolles. These may have made me a Francophil. Classic shoes that can be styled with almost everything in your closet, no matter the decade, are a must. These shoes are like Singapore’s REIT in 2012. Rating: Strong Buy
Manolo Blahnik suede BB. Because blue suede shoes go with just about everything else. Rating: Neutral                   

Hermès Birkin. sophisticated and chic with a twist. The bold blue hue makes the classic Birkin more modern, but not so much that it’s shelf life will expire anytime soon. Not to mention, the texture is marvelous and bizarre (ostrich skin). Rating: Buy

Vitafede titan crystal bracelet. Romantic rose gold meets black swarovski crystals. This is one bad ass bangle that will never go out of style. Rating: Strong Buy / On my Christmas list

Disclosure:  Bethanimal has no position on any of the investments mentioned, nor has any intention of acquiring any of the above items during 2013. 

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  • Nicole Olson

    Funny.. I read this yesterday morning and then watched the Bachelor Finale {guilty pleasure} and swear that the black lace dress is what Catherine was wearing on the After the Final Rose special. Did you see it? You’re just so ahead of the curve 😉

    p.s. Issac loves to berate me for watching that show.. I love to remind him that I have been watching it since before he was in the picture. He’s lucky I didn’t sign up to be on it 10 yrs ago.

    • Bethann Wagner

      I have to admit that I have never, ever, ever watched The Bachelor. The dress was just 20% off on so, hopefully Cat got a good deal!

      You would have been FANTASTIC on that show!