Je T’aime

mom and meje taime shirt Old Navy window pane shirt whistle and flute t shirt

Harlowe and I decided to test out the bandana trend by fashioning matching neck accessories perfect for a gloomy day. I actually bought 12 different colors, but haven’t seen the other 10 since Harlowe found them and decided to build magic carpets all over the house. Better for her to enjoy them than to have them in a drawer I figure!

These jeans were purchased in my pre-pregnancy size. They don’t fit quite right yet. I’m 5-weeks postpartum and my body feels like a stretched-out shoe. I wouldn’t trade this body for anything since it gave me two babies, but dedicating a little bit of time to my health and fitness is going to be a welcome change! Hopefully, I can begin a fitness routine this Friday as I’ll be 6-weeks postpartum. I’m looking forward to sharing my post-pregnancy fitness journey with you! It’s not going to be easy! If you have any tips on balancing family and a fitness regimen or postpartum workouts to share I’d love to hear.

Wearing: tunic / sweatshirt / jeansboots / bag / neckerchief 

What Harlowe Wore: shirt / similar skirt neckerchief  / sneakers

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  1. This is adorable! I love the matching outfits. The bandana is such a cute touch. You look absolutely amazing, by the way, so I would not stress about your workout regimen 😉

  2. At almost 6 months postpartum, I still haven’t figured out a fitness routine! Right now, I feel lucky if I can squeeze in a quick workout once a week. I do miss our old fun daily workout classes but know they’ll be there for me in the future. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for your tips! 🙂 You look gorgeous, Bethann!

  3. Obsessed, how adorable are you two? I think I’d do the very same thing if I have a little girl or little boy, one day! I already love dressing like a boy so I’d be easy, I think. 😉

    p.s you look FABBBB. I can’t even with you.

    xo Carlina

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