The Choo Investment

Jimmy Choo Abel

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Abel pumps

It is with much excitement that I introduce the newest member of the BethAnimalPrint shoe closet. Not only are they a new addition, but they are my first pair of Jimmy Choos and one of my first investment pieces (here is my first).

I’ve thought about buying these for two years. Yep, you read that right… TWO YEARS.  I love luxury items, but rarely buy them unless they are 1)  extremely versatile (hello, black pumps!) or 2) on sale/purchased second-hand. Even the Louboutins I wore on my wedding day were pre-loved (see them in the Blogger Love Stories series by Shabby Loves Chic.)

Jimmy Choos as timeless as these are unlikely to go on sale, and even more unlikely to pop up on Poshmark.  They are an asset that can be worn whether I’m headed to work, date night, dinner parties, conferences, church…you get the picture. It was a sizable investment for me, but as The Banker would say, one which will yield a high return.

Would you pull the trigger on luxury shoes?

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