Spring Workout Clothes + A Killer Legs Workout

women's workout clothes

lululemon tank  rope swing
Lululemon toppants and headband / Nike Roshe sneakers

Hello lovelies,

Earlier this year I mentioned you would come across more work out posts on the blog. Well, today I’m kicking it off with legs and glutes!

While I taught Pilates and strength training in college, I am in no position to dole out fitness advice. So I teamed up with my personal trainer, Steve, founder of Big Pump Fitness, to give you a series of three workouts. Each workout will be aimed at toning parts of the body that Spring/Summer wardrobes tend to reveal (think abs, arms and long, leans legs).  Also, if you get started now, this could be great Coachella prep. Let’s get started!

Progressive lunges: Progress from 1-3 lunges 30 yards. Target area: hamstrings, glutes, quads. (Psst… watch this video if you are wondering what the heck progressive lunges are.)

Lateral step ups: Stand to the side of a step and step up and over either side 15x. target area: hamstrings, quads, hip ab/adductors.

Goblet squats: Hold 15 lbs  in your hands and squat like you mean in 15x. Target area: hamstrings, glutes, quads.


Box Jumps:  Get back to that step and jump on and off 15x. Target area: hamstrings, glutes, quads, hips, calves. (Here’s a little video of me doing box jumps for ya!)

Split squats: (Photo below) With the step behind you, lunge 15x then switch. Target area: hamstrings, glutes and quads.

split squat
*Repeat set 3x.
Here’s a quick treat for your core. Target area: Rectus abdominus (the 6 pack); internal and external obliques.

Regular crunches 15x

Reverse crunches 15x (see below – basically, do a controlled leg lift with bent knees and focus on keeping your lower spine flat to the floor).

reverse crunch

Combination 15x: Regular and reverse at the same time.

Toe touches 15x: Reach for your toes with your legs at 90·

Exchanges 30x: reach for a straight left leg with your right arm and switch.

Bicycles 30x

Now go rock those cutoffs, girl! Stay tuned for two more workouts targeting other areas. For more tips, find Steve on Twitter  and Facebook!



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