Animal Print Lunar Glide 5

One of my favorite holiday traditions is going for a run with my family on Thanksgiving morning. Not only does the act of running jump-start the metabolism, but it serves as a great reminder to give thanks for all the things that enable you to get out of bed and cross the finish line. Something about giving thanks makes me hyper aware of other’s misfortunes which is why I love hitting the pavement at the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. 
At this year’s Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, twenty-five thousand people came together to run and raise proceeds benefiting local Second Harvest Food Banks, the Housing Trust and the Healthier Kids Foundation. 
I wore a pair of shoes I am breaking in – my Nike Lunar Glide 5s – which are animal print and reflective for  optimal day to night use. After logging 20+ miles in these stylish kicks, I cannot recommend them enough. 
They are lightweight, supportive (I use these in lieu of formal stability shoes) and generally cool as F.

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