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Outfit Ideas For Busy Moms

outfits for new moms

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Okay, these are truly outfit ideas for anybody, but new moms are currently on my brain. Several friends are expecting and coming to me with questions like, “What workouts did you do during pregnancy?” “How did you sleep?” and “What did you wear after pregnancy?” While the first two questions are fairly easy to answer, the third is always tough.

After delivery, your body is an alien version of itself. Stretched, widened and OMG, healing. Not only does it look different, but it needs to accomplish new things. All of this eliminates much of the pre-pregnancy wardrobe. At least for a few months. So, what the heck do you wear for this new chapter and how do you still look kinda cool?

Unless you’ve got a team to help you, sleep will be limited and getting ready will not be your priority. Tired and rushed don’t often make you think ‘stylish’, but there are a few ways you can revamp your wardrobe and your look post-baby. Look for functional, loose-fitting, stain resistant pieces that coordinate with pieces you already own. (This way you won’t have to get a whole new wardrobe in one fell swoop.)

Printed tops, large bags and flats work great for the office because they are easy to throw on and always look polished.

Workweek Chic

When the time finally comes to have a night out sans baby, midi skirts and loose fitting tops will help you show off your changing body without showing too much. Hello new curves!

Date Night 

Dark clothes wont show stains as easily as lighter fabrics, so stock up on them! Dark fabrics slimming qualities can’t be underestimated either! Booties with a block heel add that ‘cool-mom’ vibe, without being uncomfortable.

 Weekend Warrior

By the way, almost all of my picks are on sale now (paying full price is so basic!) Check out the Nordstrom Clearance Sale & J.Crew (use code GETWARM) for more sale items before it’s too late!

Have a great weekend!

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  • KatWalkSF

    I may not be a busy mom, but I am a busy lady and all of these ideas work for me too! Thanks lady!