Style etiquette for female wedding guests

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BethanimalPrint had a makeover! I was already sick of the old design so, I spent my Friday night making it look like this! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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I had the opportunity to write a post for my friend Ashley of Oh Wells Instead Of What Ifs this week. I met her about 10 years ago during sorority rush back when gMail was still invite only and I ate whatever I wanted without gaining a pound. Ashley has been at this blogging thing for over 2 years now and is one of those girls who really was just born with glitter in her veins – her blog is all the proof we need. 

With so many of my friends getting married and attending weddings this year, I just had to share my guest post with you all!


Planning a wedding is no easy task. For the better part of a year, a bride-to-be (BTB) will tend to menial tasks like booking travel for third cousins, choosing in-season organically grown flowers and silently weeping over seating arrangements.

Luckily, unlike the BTB, your most daunting task is finding something to wear. Your outfit can pay your respects or silently communicate that you are a selfish heathen that should never leave her cage. If you prefer to pay tribute like a lady, use these helpful rules on wedding guest style etiquette:

1. Do review the wedding invitation for guidelines as to the formality of the affair. While it is obvious you should never attend a wedding in a crop top, you wouldn’t want to be at a black tie affair in a sundress. Ask someone close to the bride if there is no indication of dress code in the invitation.


2. Do not be too trendy. The couple is likely to keep these pictures forever. You don’t want to be tortured by your past (anymore than you already are) because denim skirts are momentarily “in.”

3. Do not show guests how loose your morals are with your clingy clothing. Single men at weddings are going to pay attention to you even if your toned abs are not glaringly obvious from 25 yards away. A better way to get his attention is to offer to get him a drink.

4. Do not wear white. Every time you see a white dress you like, buy it. Wear that thing to YOUR engagement party, engagement photo shoot, bachelorette party, bridal shower. Luckily, the light spectrum invented colors like emerald and blue that look good on every tramp out there. Double lucky, merchandise in these hues will slap you in the face (in a good way) before you can even park at the mall.

5. Do wear lipstick. Lipstick allows you to distinguish which glass of wine is yours, can make your teeth look whiter if selected properly and allow you to get away with less eye makeup.

6. Do not pile on the eye makeup. You will cry and then look like an idiot with mascara running down your face.

7. If you are not masochistic enough to dance for hours in high-heels, do bring a sophisticated pair of flats to change into. NOT Flip-flops which are kind of gross and will definitely make your well-planned ensemble look cheap. Black ballet flats are a great staple to have.

Dress: Milly (similar on sale here); shoes: Tory Burch and old Paolo slingbacks; bracelets: J.Crew; bag: Kate Spade

Quinoa and vegetable salad with lemon vinaigrette

Many people think that having a gluten allergy leads to insanity. Much to the dismay of my local psychotherapist, Bob’s Redmill All purpose flour allows me to enjoy the foods I love without having a painful (or embarrassing) reaction. 

When you have a toddler, it’s imperative to find recipes that are ‘quick and easy’ – otherwise, you end up eating chips and salsa with four sides of chardonnay. For this reason, (and because I don’t look my best in an apron) everything I make is fairly simple with the bonus of being arguably more healthy.

*Tip: Make it the night before since it’s intended to be served cool. 
2 cups water
3/4 teaspoon  salt , divided
1 cup  quinoa
1/4 cup  lemon juice
3 tablespoons  extra-virgin olive oil
2 small garlic cloves
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1  small bell pepper, diced
1 cup  grape tomatoes, halved
1/2 a diced cucumber
1/2 cup  chopped fresh parsley
1/2 cup  chopped fresh mint

Step 1:
Cook the quinoa in the 2 cups of water. Set it aside to cool. (I put it in the fridge to cool because I am incredibly impatient.)

Step 2:
Vinaigrette time. Whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic. 

Step 3:
Veggie time. Toss parsley, mint, bell pepper, tomatoes and cucumber together in a large bowl. 

Unsolicited advice:
I like to color coordinate my vegetables. If you are not OCD about the appearance of salad, substitute red peppers for yellow because red ones have significantly more Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
Step 4:
 Add the cooled quinoa and veggies to the vinaigrette and gently mix to coat.

Step 5:
Pour yourself some vino and enjoy!


Skirting the issue

Sometimes the only clean item in your closet is a dress which is more appropriate for martinis than coffee. To avoid getting unwanted attention, consider layering a conservative top over a cocktail dress to make your style more daytime appropriate. 

Voilà! Now it’s a skirt. Also, you can totally do this with a guy’s shirt if you have an impromptu slumber party. (I have never done such a thing. But if I did, it was an accident and a one-time thing.) 

Styling tip: Role those sleeves up to avoid looking like a bank teller. Hiding the leather cuffs of this dress is downright shameful.

Shirt and scarf : J.Crew (similar shirt here); dress: Tobi (similar here); shoes: old Steve Maddens; bracelets: J.Crew and Baublebar <— use link to sign up if you are a female human.

Photos by: Julia Ralston

New York Fashion Week Instagram Diary

I had quite a few pictures that I didn’t post during my trip to NY for Fashion Week. I wasn’t clever enough to have the foresight to make a latergram diary, but running around the city all day combined with watching Buckwild at night prohibited me from posting these earlier. Hashtag, greatestblogger.
Our Chelsea offices are in this building. There’s a huge Anthropologie and spacious wine shop in Chelsea Market, so you can count on me requesting more assignments in NY soon.
Temperatures I am not accustomed to called for dressing in more layers than I thought reasonable.
Inside the Lincoln Center – drinking a latte and not looking at this car.
Applauding all of these well-dressed women in line with me for the BCBG show.
So happy to see beanies and grunge on the runway.
One thing I learned on this trip is that I do not have enough fur.
Bumped in to Rumi Neely. To say she inspires me is an understatement.
Stopped at the Rebecca Minkoff showroom for a meeting with the Social Media team there. It was buzzing and hectic as they frantically prepared for their NYFW show.
Meeting with Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff and super nice dude.
This weather is beautiful, but also quite bleak. Time to wear something bright.
Back at the office. Fro Yo and I are very close.
Anthropologie, 1 – Me, 0. Cozy lounge wear I picked up just in case I got stuck in NYC because of the looming blizzard.
Headed to the airport – optimistic my flight won’t be canceled.
   Somehow, I win. Gotcha Nemo.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 – BCBG Presentation

In case you were wondering what it’s like to be crammed in the back of a fashion show because your ticket is standing room only, here you go. If you ask me, it was absolutely amazing. Fur + just the right amount of grunge. Beanies are back in a major way (*fist pumping all my fellow ladies with crazy hair*) and given the blizzard that started moments after this show, we are in luck. 

Sequins and Champagne

*Public Service Announcement*  

The season is changing, which means one thing; retail discounts. Some of my favorite retailers -Anthropologie and Nordstrom – are currently peddling product like a flea market in Mexico. 

Since I arguably have a shopping addiction, I’ve spent the last few weeks searching every cavity of the interweb to uncover the best deals on last season’s most lust-worthy pieces. Read the caption at the end for details on where you can procure items worn here.

*End of PSA*

If Dom Perignon is the working woman’s Krug Collection Brut*; I’d argue day-time sequins are a busy woman’s Sunday brunch. Mimosa(s) included. This sparkly shell (first pic) gives my mood an instant boost making the most mundane tasks more enjoyable. I like wearing it while my husband talks to me about football because the reflection of sequins on a wall are a nice distraction.

This motorcycle jacket makes it obvious that I am super bad ass. Paired with my sheep fur-lined boots, this look is warm, comfortable and much more fundamentally awesome than a hoodie and flats, although they take the same amount of involvement to coordinate.

*I’m poppin’ budget-friendly bottles so, I can’t verify this statement.

Sequined shell: Anthropologie; motorcycle jacket: Zara; boots: Coach, pants: Brandy Melville; hat: North Face (similar here); bracelet: Brandy Melville; ring: F21; Harlowe: My husband and I.

Cut my life into pieces

This is my last resort…

Dear THML, 
Your flirty, sophisticated, vintage-inspired tops are the reason I get dressed in the morning. Unfortunately, locating and purchasing your apparel is très difficile. More so than finding a unicorn with real laser eyes. Am I unreasonable in my asking for ONE retail location in the bay area?  

Whose back do I need to massage to become swathed in your threads? I need answers. 


Top: THML; Blazer: S.Y.L.K (similar here); Jeans: Earnest Sewn; Bracelets: J.Crew; Earrings: Kitsch Couture (small boutique in Palo Alto); Necklaces: Stella & Dot, Urban Outfitters; Scarf: Marine Layer (more adorable colors available here); Boots: Tory Burch (sold out); Sunnies: RayBan

How to trick people in to thinking you’ve made something of yourself

So, you’re a corporate jet-setter. You’re going to be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people in your industry during each trip. Unless you invented post-its, you have a lot of competition. It is vital that you use every tool you have to show people that you are one knowledgeable and savvy boss-lady.

If you appear frumpy, or worse, you’re flaunting your assets, the message you send could hurt you. Keep them engaged by remembering that communication is more than words. Five-inch heels don’t exactly tell people you have a respectable voice in the industry. If you don’t pay your rent by posing for Maxim, bring a suitcase full of tasteful pieces resembling something you could imagine Kate Middleton wearing.

I packed these outfits for a 3-day conference in Miami. Bringing ONE pair of promote-me-pumps and mixing day-time tops with jeans for evening events ensures I carry it all on my inevitably delayed, crammed flight. While everything here speaks of professionalism in my industry there are practicalities you want to consider depending on what you do and where you’re traveling. 
Blouse: J.Crew; skirt: Madewell; blazer: Everley (found at Ambiance in SF).
 Shirt: Halogen; skirt: J.Crew (no. 2 pencil skirt)

Shirt: Target; blazer: Urban Outfitters; pencil skirt: Anne Klein

Shoes: Tory Burch 
I hope this post helps next time you need to pack for a business trip. Please leave comments below if you have something you’d like to see here and I’ll do my best to incorporate it!

Bienvenido a Miami

I’ll be posting classic business outfits from this trip shortly. I expected to be relegated to a conference room for most of the trip which prompted me to pack every pencil skirt I own (only 3) and of course, one brightly-colored running outfit (totes wore it twice). Running on the beach is addicting.

Pastel pop

Something destroyed my recently acquired ability to dress responsibly. Note to self (and all of you): It is probably cold in San Francisco today and every day for the foreseeable future. Hashtag, bringyourjacket.
Cold weather or not, I really admire a skirt with such versatility. You can effortlessly dress it up, but I find pairing ultra-femme pieces with more masculine ones to be ironic in the right way. 
It is said (mostly by me) that a quality statement necklace is a great distraction for fussy babies who enjoy humiliating you in public. It also goes miles to add texture and vivacity to a drab ensemble and make you feel like the put-together rockstar you are. Treat yo self.
Thanks for reading! Shout out to Tracy Bennet for reading each post in this blog! 
Skirt: Tramp (similar one on sale here!); tank and jewelry: J.Crew (bubble necklace here); shoes: ShoeMint; sunnies: RayBan.