Business in the front, party in the back…

(Dress: Flying Tomato; bra: Victoria’s Secret; necklaces vintage and Anthropologie; bracelet: Baublebar; shorts: very old cut-offs; shoes: Shoemint; bag: Marc Jacobs)
I am a phony. A fraud. How could I write a fashion blog when I only own (confession!) three handbags…one of which was ON CLEARANCE at Banana Republic. (Gasp!)
Even more shameful, the other two handbags in my collection were acquired as a.) hand-me-downs from lovely friends with less lovely (but generous) ex-boyfriends and b.) a gift from my very lovely husband.
From my perspective, it’s rationalized. My lifestyle (work, change diapers, sit on couch) requires me to carry around my laptop 80% of the time (which I put in my Longchamp… kind of chic?) and carry around diapers and other objects that distract toddlers when worn as hats. I’m so not putting puréed plum pear squeezable pouches in a Celine tote.
Anyway, let’s back up a bit. Remember how I told you my husband is lovely? Well, he bought me this new Marc Jacobs bag. He liked the color. How cute is that?
Since we’ve been blessed with Spring-like weather in Northern California lately, I wore my new bag with one of my staples, denim shorts, and a dress (tucked in the front) that is almost as loud as my new bag.  Monochromatic is so cool when it is fluorescent.

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  • Courtney Ramsey

    Love this outfit. The color is adorable!

    xo, Courtney

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thank you, Courtney!