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Pastel Party

striped button down
I’ve jumped head first on to the pastel bandwagon. I love pastel outfits, pastel decor and even pastel hair.

I admire Liz of Late Afternoon and Nicole Richie for rocking bright, colorful locks (and am *somewhat* considering taking the leap myself).  If it weren’t for a DIY bright pink hair situation I got myself in to in 2002 I probably would have pulled the trigger on the pastel hair party already. I’m  grateful digital cameras were not widely used back then and images of my mane malfunction are difficult to come by.yellow skirtpersol sunnieswhite sandals

Would you treat your tresses with pastel dye?

Wearing: Gap top /JOA skirt via Nordstrom / River Island shoes (saw these on my friend Cara and could not resist) / SUSU clutch / YSL #13 lips / Persol sunnies / Alex + Ani bracelets 

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  • KatWalkSF

    I love everything that is happening here! But, why is that skirt already sold out!! Tears! I want!!

  • Brooke

    Ooo that skirt is so pretty! The color is so vibrant and cheerful 🙂 I love the pastel hair look! My hair is too dark for it, but I so admire it on others! xo

  • Cara Northcutt

    You wore it best for sure! So cute and I neeeed that top! If only I didn’t live in LA, can I live with you?

    xx Cara

  • Elana

    I had to go look through my photos real quick to make sure I didn’t have one of you with pink hair, unfortunately I didn’t. I did however have some of us in unfortunate prom dresses (not purchased thankfully) and after our unfortunate piercings…

    • Bethann Wagner

      First, thank you so much for reading! When I saw ‘Elana’ I was thinking ‘NO WAY’ and then sure enough, it was YOU… the one any only! I did buy our prom pictures. I might still have them somewhere! That would be a great ‘what not to do’ post (at least my outfit) 🙂 Love you!

      • Elana

        Of Course! I have been lurking here from the beginning, I just suck at commenting. It’s fun to see your blog grow and change and I have always been an admirer of your spunky and cute style over the many years I have known you. I have plenty of pics you could use for a what not to wear post if you decide to do one ever 🙂

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