On Wearing Pinafores Over 30

I haven’t worn a short denim skirt since my Sophomore year of college and even then it wasn’t the look for me. I’m definitely not one to think or say that any garment of clothing has an expiration date based on a woman’s age (f*ck that!), but denim skirts were just never me. Neither were overalls for that matter. Enter denim, overall dresses and ummm… I need that. After two kids (and a lot of hard work on my fitness) I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin. (I have to say, there’s something magically liberating about being in your 30’s makes many women super-comfortable with their bodies regardless of how tight their bods are though.) Regardless, I love how youthful and fun pinafores and overalls and I will wear them because I like them. Do we really need any other reason to wear something?

Psst.. if you want to try the trend without putting forth too much cash, here’s a denim pinafore that’s SUPER budget friendly!
What do you like wearing that “Google” says you shouldn’t? Whatever it is, keep doing it.

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