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I recently tried Pinrose Petal Packs, which are adorably designed, individual fragrances curated just for you. First, you go online and take a nine question synesthesia quiz, then Pinrose recommends three scents and sends you wet-nap-style samples to try at home. Takes all of the guess work out of perfume shopping, doesn’t it?

What better to complement an outfit than a personally selected fragrance? I am partial to Surf Siren and Moonlight Gypsy for everyday wear, but Rooftop Socialite, Ballroom Philosopher and Pillowtalk Poet definitely deserve a spot in the fragrance rotation for special occasions.

1. SURF SIREN Lavender and neroli. Wear with a striped tee for a day at the beach.

2. MOONLIGHT GYPSY Cardamom, orange blossom, and patchouli. Wear with a boho maxi in a deep jewel tone to set your spirit free.

3. ROOFTOP SOCIALITE Italian bergamot, lime, and mandarin. Wear with sequins and faux fur for a festive fête.

4. BALLROOM PHILOSOPHER Peony, mandarin petals, and creamy sandalwood. Wear with a flirty mini in a feminine hue to embrace your inner romantic.

5. PILLOWTALK POET Powder, ambergris, and musk. Wear with your softest PJs  on Sunday morning.

Do you have a signature scent or do you mix it up? If you take the quiz, let me know what scents you got!

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