What Harlowe Wore: Salt City Emporium

toddler tee

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone! I recently discovered this super-stylish, toddler apparel company called Salt City Emporium and immediately fell in love. For the past year, I’ve been making an effort to shop more consciously in all areas of my life. Toddler clothes can be tough because they go through them so quickly!  SCE’s pieces are all made in the US, by a team of creatives that value imagination, quality and comfort. I’m swooning over their quirky and rebellious graphics and high-quality fabrics. If you are in the market for unique clothes for the little ones in your life, I recommend their spring collection with all my heart.

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What Harlowe Wore: Salt City Emporium Tee Shirt & Leggings / Havaianas flip flops / Hair clip from Walgreens

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