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A Day in the Life of Sazan Barzani

Model, hostess, blogger Sazan Barzani is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. (She’s from Texas, obvi.) If you are one of the 60k people following her on Instagramyou know she is always up to something fabulous. Her days consist of ‘red carpet’ moments and fashion videos, but she always seems to make time return to the Lone Star state to visit her family.
The big-haired, blogger behind SpazMag, is one seriously busy (and stylish) woman. How does she do it? 
This Kurdish-American fashionista was gracious enough to fill me in on how her typical day plays out.
A Day in the Life of Sazan Barzani
photos from SpazMag
9:00 AM:  The alarm on my cell phone chimes and I ease my way out of bed.
9:15 AM:  I wash up and head to the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal or green smoothie.
9:30 AM: Enjoy my breakfast on the patio while reading my daily devotional or catch up on some tv shows.
10:00 AM: Time to fire up the laptop and check emails, research, edit my calendar schedule, write out the day’s to-do list.
10:30 AM:  Start drafting the day’s blog post.
11:15 AM: Blog post is LIVE. Time to feature on all social media platforms, email brands PR..
11:30 AM: Time to get ready. Hop in the shower and start the fierce process!
12:30 PM: Out the door! Usually this is the time to run all my errands, grab lunch, head to meetings or auditions, showroom visits and/or working a side project.
3:15 PM: Finally home! I usually come back to 5-6 boxes in front of my door-step from brands wanting to collaborate with the blog. This distracts  me. I start opening every single one like it’s Christmas!
3:30 PM: Styling/prepping outfits that I’m about to go shoot for my blog with my photographer.
4:15 PM: Out the door to misc location to shoot 4-5 outfits in less than an hour!
5:30 PM: That’s a wrap! Now rushing back home to change outfits for an event or dinner date.
6:00 PM: Home! Relaxing a bit. Checking blog post stats for that day and responding to any important marked emails from the day and prepping for tomorrow’s to-do list.
7:00 PM: Time to change purses. Grab my clutch bag (can’t forget the business cards) and find the energy to head out to a fashion event or extravaganza. Usually I’ll be giving myself a pep talk on the drive there reminding myself that networking is a part of the job!  
10:00 PM: Home and exhausted. Quickly washing up and getting into my PJ’s.
10:30 PM: Cozy up in front of the TV to a movie or my Real Housewives shows.
Be sure to check out her blog and YouTube channel for affordable personal style and beauty tips that are totally spaz-worthy and tell me all about your favorite looks!

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