Scarfing down sequins

Six years ago, I saw this dress at a vintage store in Arizona, and I was like, “shut up!”  Admittedly, it was probably a year after purchase that it was first worn, but it continues to get consistent use because sequins make my soul sparkle.
I love the neckline; it’s utterly unique. Pairing it with a white blouse makes it less appropriate for the Vegas strip and more appropriate for date night in Palo Alto. The scarf provides a casual twist on sequined glamour, which I prefer to straight-up glamour.
I’m surprised at the amount of use I have gotten out of this vintage number (the formula for fabulous prevails!). Have you impulsively picked up any pieces that have unexpectedly earned your loyalty?

Dress: vintage; shirt BCBG (old); scarf: hand-me-down from Grandma; shoes: Shoemint; sunnies: RayBan

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