Shopping for Versatility: Turning Scarves into Dresses

Some think that the secret to having an endless number of choices in your wardrobe is a weekly trip to the mall, but what ends up happening is you spend a lot of money and you end up not wearing half of your clothes more than once or twice a year. The key is shopping with versatility in mind and being creative with what you already own. That way, you save tons of money and put the items you own or purchased into good use.

One of the greatest investments for a woman is a wrap dress, as after doing a quick search on Pinterest, you’ll discover that the straps are convertible and that the ensemble can be worn in more ways than one. But for those that want more than the multiway dresses at American Apparel, here’s another idea: use your oversized scarves for a makeshift dress.

Although most of your scarves probably have bold prints, which if you turn into a dress or skirt may only be suited for the weekend look, as described by Lyst, there’s really no harm in experimenting in patterns. Only you can be the judge of what occasion your scarf dress is suited for.

Harper’s Bazaar has dedicated an article on ways that you can wear a sarong, which also can be applied to your scarves. While most of them are suited for the beach or pool, the one shoulder style would work as long as you wear a tank top and shorts underneath. To make this dress, all you’d have to do is hold the scarf vertically under one arm, tying the two corners over your shoulder, and then grabbing two edges at the waist and double knotting them.

Another way to wear your scarf is by channeling the Greek goddess silhouette. Beauty Blogger Michelle Phan demonstrates that the conversion process is simple; wrap the scarf behind you horizontally, wrapping one end over your shoulder and the other end around your waist, finally tying the ends together to complete the outfit.

If you’re curious about other ways to wear your scarf as a dress, YouTube has a myriad of easy to follow tutorials!

tie scarf as a dress

^Talk about #FlashbackFriday, the picture above is of my girlfriends and I in 2009. I’m wearing a pink multi-way dress from American Apparel and boy, has that thing gotten a lot of use!

*Thank you to Erin Edwards for contributing this post and thanks to you guys for supporting Bethanimalprint!

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  • KatWalkSF

    Great idea!

    And ugh I think I wore one too many American Apparel multi-way dresses the wrong way in my day!



    • Bethann

      Ha! Too funny! xo